“I dunno how anyone could do this who isn’t you”

This is my daughter talking to me after, well… My work laptop crashed and burned this morning. Again. It did this earlier this summer. I had to call tech support because I couldn’t “chat” with them because my laptop was dead, right? This was not a satisfactory experience. It took forever to get to an actual person and when I did that person couldn’t help me but said someone would CALL me back. They didn’t.

That time my laptop revived itself after the weekend although I have had a funny feeling ever since that it was not “right”. I did everything I could think of today but no cigar. I knew I had to call tech support. Again. So… I listened to the whole long COVID spiel and selected things from the menu and set myself to W-A-I-T for the 10 (I think, it was hard to hear) people ahead of me. There was cheesy, jangly music but it was occasionally interrupted by a mumbly female voice recording. I couldn’t always understand what it said (because mumbly) but it kept talking about the online support portal and I had an epiphany that MAYBE I could access it via my phone.

I never did catch the url but hey, Amazon Woman, can you send me a link? She did and I grabbed my phone and after maybe 10 minutes of fumbling, I had a ticket. I can even go back and check on that ticket.

One remaining problem I didn’t get solved. I wanted to upload a couple of pics of the errors I was getting. It wouldn’t accept them. Why not, they’re just jpgs? Except they weren’t just jpgs because the iPhone now makes heics. I airdropped them over to my MacBook Pro and converted them to jpgs and airdropped them back. Alas, clicking on the attach link didn’t do anything. Okay. I tried. At least this time around I can go out to the support site and check on my ticket and its progress or lack thereof in this case. I was able to join a meeting by phone this afternoon. Other than that I finished my book, Corrag, this afternoon. I loved this book. The main character reminds me a lot of my mouse with her affinity for nature.

And now it’s cousin-y here again. npJane late Sunday night. Lizard Breath yesterday afternoon. Road Warrior UKW this afternoon.

One Response to ““I dunno how anyone could do this who isn’t you””

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oof, the iPhone photos have become quite a pain. I don’t have a MacBook to convert them on. Computer probs (especially for work) suck and you’ve certainly had more than your share lately.