The rice will be okay

I’ve been alone except for a brief drive-by from the GG for quite a while here. It’s okay. There are plenty of neighbors around and a cousin-neighbor next door. Late last night npJane arrived at the Old Cabin. And this afternoon a beach urchin arrived at the moomincabin. I worked a full day today but will rachet back for the rest of the week.

I love how we share at this place. I hit up Pat’s grocery store this morning. Soy sauce was on the list sent to me by my beach urchin but I didn’t buy any because I thought I had it. I did but not very much. But npJane ducked her head into my office to ask if I needed anything from Ace Hardware. Well, not but Pat’s Groceries is two doors down and soy sauce? She checked the Old Cabin’s copious supply of stuff but didn’t find soy sauce so she got me (as instructed) the smallest bottle available.

That’s how this beach works. We share supplies with each other if we need to and are welcome to snag things from other people’s pantries if we need them, whether or not they are home. It all evens out in the end. Way back when I remember The Commander needing tuna fish in a pinch and going next door to The White Tornado’s cabin to steal some when The White Tornado was not even there.

The rice wasn’t really okay. It was boiling over and its owner was making a quick trip to the beach to catch the sunset. KW managed to turn the WRONG burner down. It all worked out in the end and it was a WONDERFUL tofu dish. And I WILL clean the burner pan, which is no doubt filthy as all getout. And the rice pan is soaking over night. So nice to have adult children cook for you and let you do the dishioshios.

More folks to arrive throughout the week. And some of them also to leave. Lots of people in and out. Love them all!

One Response to “The rice will be okay”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a great way to work the groceries. So…you got some sticky rice–on the bottom of the pan? Soaking will do the trick and it will peel off. Ashley cooked some wonderful tofu dishes while she was here. I miss having my own personal chef.