Roaring 20s faaaar drill

2020s that is. I am not wearing a flapper costume. Not anything close.

So I did pay the moomin proptaxes today. What happened is, like I said yesterday, our VERY friendly and with-it township treasurer and I were emailing. When I offered to drive a check over, she said, “I’ll be at work at the credit union in Brimley all day tomorrow so you can bring it over here.”

Okay. So I didn’t need an envelope. But I did need a pen. With ink in it. Could I find a working pen around here? No I could not. There are about a gazillion pencils. I made sure I had all the info I needed to write the check on my phone and headed out to Cygnus, planning to write the check at the bank. At the last minute I had the BRILLIANT idea to look in the glove box. Bingo. There was a nice new[ish] BIC pen and it worked. So my taxes are paid.

But is this what we’ve come to? I mean with office supplies. Once upon a time, I used to love to browse the aisles at Staples. Now I can’t find basic supplies like pens or envelopes in my house. Actually I have some of this stuff at my house, just not at the moomin.

Long time lurker, first time poster. I posted on the bird list today. They were talking about hummingbirds and how long they seem to be hanging around this year. I am a strictly casual bird watcher and have no clue about the migratory habits of any of them including hummingbirds. But I felt compelled to post where I was and that hummingbirds were still visiting my now-dying impatiens and that we don’t put feeders out because bears.

The pic? That’s Bucky Beaver’s work back there.

G’night, KW

One Response to “Roaring 20s faaaar drill”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That worked out well! I am still waiting for my checks to arrive. Now I have two bills to pay but they aren’t due for a while. Thankfully because the USPS is SO slow.