End-of-summer laundry

Not a very exciting pic but I wanted to share a bit of my up north laundromat experience. I schlep my laundry inside, stuff it into however many triple load washing musheens I need, then I sit on one of these benches making my internet rounds and doing the xword and the bee.

This morning I sat on one of these benches for the fifth (I think) and last time this summer. For the first time, there was a bit of chill in the air when I first sat down. As Mr. Golden Sun got higher in the sky, that disappeared. I had a bunch of beach towels from the last round of guests so I did indeed use two triple loaders. We aren’t leaving for another few days and I’ll have laundry to take down to The Planet Ann Arbor but I wanted to get all those big towels washed and put away before I left. The beach urchins always offer to take laundry and sometimes I allow them to but really I am a Washerwoman and enjoy my solo trips to the laundromat.

I don’t have much else to say. UKW enjoyed a beautiful Beach Day, paddleboarding and riding with the GG over to Porterland in the Motor Bote. It was a Work Day for me and not the most exciting one but even though I wasn’t on the beach much until the end of the day, I was still HERE in this beautiful place. But fall is in the air and after my unplanned long stay here, I will have to transition away soon. A propane stove will not keep Old Man Winter out of a cabin on Gitchee Gumee with no insulation. And although I would love to make some improvements to this place (nod to hostile lurkers), I will NEVER agree to tear it down and replace it with a McMansion.

One Response to “End-of-summer laundry”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Nice to have some quiet time doing crosswords and reading. When I have to wait, I’m rarely if never bored as long as I have something to read or do. Fall is definitely in the air here as well!