Quality cousin time

Sweet isn’t a word I usually use unless I’m talking about something with sugar in it but today was a sweet day. The GG took off for a group hike at Tahq and me and my cuzz had the day to ourselves. A little work, a little play, lots of together time with some breaks in between.

We did a run to town to drop recycling and get a FEW grocks. After weeks of saying I needed to have a “Come to Jesus” meeting with the moomin refrigerator, I FINALLY DID!!! Got rid of a lot of dregs of things that I don’t want to schlep back to the Planet Ann Arbor and that added to the recycling stash, which started out the morning with ONE THING. We took back a bunch of returnables too and the Meijer uScan DOES INDEED accept returnable receipts. We were (that is, UKW was) RUTHLESS with the cans Meijer wouldn’t accept and THREW THEM OUT! I do NOT need to be traveling with those things rattling around in Cygnus and she doesn’t need them in her Subie either. On the other hand, all of my grocery bags were in Cygnus so I ended up with a couple more damn plastic bags, which I do NOT need! Can’t win…

We took a breather back at the moominbeach. I finished CLEANING the refrigerator and putting what’s left back in and I dunno what she did at the Old Cabin but probably similar stuff. Then we got back into her Subie and hauled two big Green Bags up to the res trash compactor.

Then… We drove through the res and up the shore. We hit the beach at Iroquois Lighthouse where UKW rockhounded for a bit. Me? We have enough rocks here 🐽 but I was happy to hang out and take pics. (Click and click again to embiggen enough to see the salty.) We continued on up the Whitefish Bay coast, then took the sharp turn onto Tower road and headed up and along the escarpment. The back way to the Spectacle Lake overlook and I wish I had taken a pic of driving along Tower Road, a beautiful tunnel of trees branching across a dirt/gravel road.

Up on the Spectacle Lake overlook, we spied Monocle Lake to the left. So we drove over there to explore a bit. My second high school boyfriend’s family had a cabin on that lake and I was curious in general. We didn’t look for old BF’s place, just drove in to the picnic area and through the GORGEOUS campground. I think there’s a separate entrance into the area where people have private property.

By the end of that it was getting to be time to get back to the moominbeach where we took another short break to do our own thing, then we reconvened for a glass of whine on the Old Cabin front porch. We’ll reconvene soon for Community Dinner.

2 Responses to “Quality cousin time”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a beautiful photo! I go through many plastic bags with a cat and many small garbage cans to line. But I am vicious (especially lately) about throwing things away. It’s time.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Damn! I am so sorry I couldn’t come up for a third time to hang with you and UKW. Been running my own little sweat shop with my one worker (me) pushing fabric into a quilt shape.