This is certainly not the best photoooo anyone has ever taken from the Spectacle Lake overlook. In fact I bet *I* have even taken better pics.

Even if you were born and raised in the eastern yooperland, there are certain things you revisit pretty much annually if not more often, Iroquois Lighthouse and the Spectacle Lake overlook being a couple of them. In recent years the Dancing Crane Coffeehouse is also in the area. It is a top-notch place and it’s open but I believe since COVID, they run a drive-thru only operation. The owner (I follow the DCC on facebook) is more concerned about COVID than a lot of folks. Actually I believe the tribe in general has acted very responsibly. These are GOOD THINGS! @RemoveRon DeathSantis, take a note.

From the overlook we can see Round Island, which is in front of the moominbeach, the Pickle Finger, the Birch Point range light, and other landmarks. Yesterday, due to the overcast conditions, they were a little harder to pick out, at least with the naked eye, which is what we were using. Ever since I put the Marine Traffic app on my phone, I don’t tend to tether myself to binoculars.

It isn’t technically very cold out today but there’s a pretty darn good nor’wester hitting our shores. As long as you are moving you are okay with maybe a polartech vest or jacket but later in the afternoon when I wanted to read on the deck, I found myself digging into my Extra Clothes Bag in Cygnus for my smartwool leggings.

Boring as it is, that’s about all I have today. Tonight is our last Community Dinner and tomorrow is our last day. So packing up and putting stuff away to get ready to migrate back down south.

One Response to “Tourista”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve taken a variety of nice to crappy photos of Mt. Rainier. I’m always glad to hear about people taking Covid seriously. I certainly do!