First world 1% problems

DISCLAIMER: I am not in the 1%.

I meet with Amazon Woman every Monday afternoon. The purpose of the meeting is to keep each other caught up on what I’m supposed to be doing but there’s a certain amount of general chit chat. There was more of that than usual today because when she began with the polite question “How are you?”, I replied that I was fine except for a few first world 1% problems (she knows I’m not in the 1%). We spent a good amount of time talking (and laughing) about our first world problems. And then we segued in to where the moomin is and she was looking it up on GooMaps and said, “I can’t see any buildings”. No. No you can’t. They are hidden by trees from above and it’s a private road so no Streetview. She did see our beautiful beach on GooMaps.

But First World Problems… UKW left this morning. She made me coffee and breakfast, then I went off to work while she embarked on making the Old Cabin cleaner than it was when she arrived, packing, and taking a last swim. She got off in the late morning and I felt more emotional about her departure than I let on. We have known each other our whole lives and although we are different in many ways there are certain thought processes we seem to share. I didn’t fully discover that until we were well into adulthood with adult children.

It was a fast two weeks and at one point I had to cancel my weekly facetime coffee klatch because people were piling up here at the moominbeach and life was moving at a dizzying speed for a while.

Although UKW is always welcome at the actual moomincabin, I had the brilliant idea that since the Old Cabin would be empty, she might enjoy having a separate space. Also it was the cabin our grandparents built 100 years ago and our families shared it in our early childhood. Many good memories permeate the place for all of us.

Even though UKW is as much a part of this place as I am, I was occasionally nervous that I wasn’t spending enough time “entertaining” her as I was working most weekdays. I finally came to the realization that both of us are happy with a lot of alone time and that was okay. We did do some things together and convened most evenings for Community Dinner. Other nights we ate separately to try to deal with leftovers, etc. On those nights, one of us would approach the other a bit tentatively and the other would say, “I was thinking that too.”

Miss my cuz. That is all.

P.S. I was trying to take pics of the sunset through the trees last night. They weren’t turning out well. Then I looked at my photo library this afternoon and found THIS! Accidental photos can be soooo much fun.

One Response to “First world 1% problems”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Some accidental photos are better than the ones we intend to take. I have come to be more comfortable with alone time. Part of that was forced on me by widowhood, then I had to adjust to retirement and now to the pandemic. It’s happened in stages.