I left the Planet Ann Arbor on July 31. I arrived at the moomin on August 1 after a night at Hoton Lake. I finally returned to the planet today. This is the longest time I’ve been away from the planet since I moved here back in the Jurassic Age.

We left the moomin this morning during the tail end of a HUGE thunderstorm. Apparently there was a gigantic seiche too but I didn’t go down to look at it because lightning. For a couple of miles on the yooperland stretch of the I75 SUV Speedway, it was raining so hard that Cygnus informed me that her Eyesight wasn’t working. It couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t see much but I could see Mooon Yooonit ahead of me and the lane markers on the freeway. I don’t really use Eyesight and I just hunkered down. Thankfully, the GG slowed down a bit during that episode…

There were big storms below the Big Mac during this period of time and for HOURS, Cygnus (via satty-lite radio) was shooting severe thunderstorm warnings at me. There is now a little smudge on my car touch screen from me canceling the warning umpteen bazillion times. We missed the big storms and the weather improved and eventually the warnings stopped. The traffic? BEAUTIFUL! Yeah, there were probably a FEW big frickin’ pickup trucks going 85 but nowhere near as many as on a southbound Sunday. It was almost always easy for me to jump out and pass slower traffic if I needed to.

So I am home again and it is hot and the only things I have seriously unpacked are perishable food items. I’m gonna take my time with the pantry stuff. I still have a bit of a pandemic stash going. I do not know how to minimize the huge numbers of things we schlep back and forth at the beginning and end of the summer. And I even worked on thinning it out over the weekend. So, I have put the perishables away and that will have to do for now.

The GG and I went our separate ways just north of Flint. I continued on down to the planet and he headed over to help FlaMan clean up his apartment. Don’t ask 🐽 I gave the GG a call about 10 miles north of Flint to check in about whether he was still planning to stop there. It is soooo cool to be able to phone each other when we are tandem driving. Some of the new vee-hickle technology drives me crazy (hello, out-of-lane warning) but plugging your phone into your car and calling via the touchscreen is much easier, not to mention SAFER than trying to call from an iPhone in your lap or wherever.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I was having trouble with the calling function in the Subie until I realized that I hadn’t paired (?) the iPhone 12 to the car. Once I did that, it worked like a charm!