The pic is a lie 🐸

A few more photos to explain the craziness of yesterday’s pic. In the first, I am kayaking directly toward the beach pointing at the location of the red bench (this was a few years before the bench was installed). The beach is around 3/4 mile long and the bench is a bit west of the midpoint.

Here’s Radical Betty walking back from the east end of the beach with GLOVES in JULY. It was a persistently chilly summer and her comment was a disgusted, “We just get a little BOX of summer!”

Next are the beach urchins hauling a piece of driftwood home.

And finally, an aerial view. This is from the Sherman Archives with Pete taking the pic while my dad drove the plane. The beach is that long straight strip of sand toward the top looking out to the island.

All that said, I have had what I call Shoreline Dreams my entire life. In them, our beach and the surrounding area morphs into all kinds of fantastical geography: islands and canals where there are none and that pic is well within the realm of things my subconscious is capable of conjuring up.

P.S. I called yesterday’s pic a pano but I’m not totally sure that’s what it is🐽

3 Responses to “The pic is a lie 🐸”

  1. isa Says:

    It was a pano, but I made it from a strange vantage point and I don’t think I successfully kept my phone level while in progress.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’m terrible at panos so I never try to do them. Those are beautiful photos. If I’m right about which one she was, RB’s daughter looks much like her.

  3. Pam J. Says:

    Thanks for the explanatory pictures. Do you have to cross that big-a** Mackinaw Bridge to get to your place? I’ve assumed you’re heading for the Upper Peninsula when you go there but I’m not sure. Your bridge is even longer than the big-a** bridge we take to the beach each year — Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Gloves in July sounds heavenly to me. DC weather stinks much of the year, although today was almost perfect.