NCT beer

Actually if you recognize that sun-face, you might know it’s Bell’s Oberon beer. For a while when the beach urchins were 20-somethings Oberon was our utility beer, at least in the summer. With a slice of orange, if you please. As Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at the moomin in those days, I spent a lot of time fishing orange slices out of beer bottles🐽 I DO wash returnable cans and bottles before I return them and if you’ve ever been in a Meijer bottle return room, you will know why. At some point, our utility beer switched to Bell’s Two Hearted and nobody puts orange slices in that.

Nowadays Bell’s is selling Oberon in a special North Country Trail themed mini-keg so you know we are buying it again, at least in mini-keg form. Apparently the Bell’s owner is an NCT fan and supporter so this is a collector’s item for us and the Uncly Uncle has already made us a lamp out of one. It’s in the Lyme Lounge. Collector’s item up to a point, I mean. They ARE returnable for 10 cents and I’m not gonna fill up The Landfill with them. This pic doesn’t show the whole trail, which consists of 4700 miles through eight states from North Dakota to Vermont but I did get all of what goes through the yooperland and most of the Great Lake State’s lower peninsula.

All roighty. Saturday back on the Planet Ann Arbor so I schlepped down to the farmers market in time to get there when it opened at seven. Home for just a bit, then hit up the Plum for things I can’t get at the market. Like lemons, which don’t grow in the Great Lake State. I spotted an orange Crosstrek at the market and I almost sent a text but it didn’t look quiiiiite like Oriole. And it wasn’t, because Oriole was in the Plum parking lot when I got over there.

I snuck up on my mouse (she was talking to a co-worker) and ANOTHER co-worker asked me if I was finding everything all right. I winked and pointed at my mouse and the FIRST co-worker took one look at me and said, “MOM!” It was hilarious, at least in a minor way and I’ll take what I can get in these difficult times. And so I got a careful masked hug. When I left town in late July, a lot of people at Plum were not masking but I think most everyone is now. My mouse never stopped masking and was double-masked today, one of them a KN95. Breakthrough infections are real and I don’t want one. Be careful please! You anti-vax yay-hoos, just get the microchip already. Please. Unless there’s a REALLY good reason not to and that reason is not “I read something scary on facebook.”

Oh man, the GG is leaving on a yooperland boondoggle tomorrow and I just caught him putting stuffed aminals in a bag. I peered at him and asked, “Did you pack Softy Beanbag?” Yes. It’s okay, I have Froggy and Green Guy. Yes we are a little nutso. Baggy old bags “fighting” over our children’s stuffed aminals. And Green Guy is my *older* cousin Grinch’s stuffty who lives with me now. We take him up to visit his real owner in the summer but trust me, Green Guy is safer here and he and Froggy are great friends. The things we do for love 🧡🧡🧡

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