Trailer trash

This is our main camping rig these days, Mooon Yooonit (Toyota RAV4) and the Lyme Lounge (Scamp Trailer). Cygnus (Subie Crosstrek) can also pull trailers but it isn’t advisable for her to pull the Lyme Lounge, at least not very far. She can do the Trash Trailer (I think) if it doesn’t have a bunch of cement or something in it and she can pull lightweight bote trailers. But she isn’t our main towing vee-hickle and that’s okay with me because she’s “my” car and I don’t really like to pull trailers although I have done it successfully and comfortably on a few occasions.

For a while back in the 90s, we were in the habit of making short traveling trips (to our family cabins in the yooperland and northern lower) with The Indefatigable pulling the Trash Trailer. It was kind of like the Beverly Hillbillies, especially the time the Trash Trailer had a flat taaaar on the I75 SUV Speedway. The Indefatigable was our Jeep Wrangler, which we bought new in 1992 and owned for 17 years. The GG taught the beach urchins (and their cousins and some friends) how to drive in that vee-hickle, beginning when they were nine or 10 years old, on the long abandoned Raco air base runways and adjacent 2-track forest roads up in the yooperland. The beach urchins still prefer to drive stick and both own manual cars now. I love stick but although I could have opted for a manual version of Cygnus (🐭 has one), there were other options I wanted that didn’t come with stick so I sucked it up and for the first time in many years, we do not own a manual tranny.

The jeep photooo was taken when Lizard Breath was home from SanFran for xmas sometime after she graduated from college. Note the rust. You could also see through the floor in some places. She lives in Detroit now so those snow-driving skills come in handy. SanFran requires a whole different set of driving skills…

The Indefatigable was a great towing vee-hickle and often towed the Little Princess trailer of Uncle Fester Club fame. I’m not sure who actually owned the princess. The Uncly Uncle originally bought it but we used it a lot and may eventually have had some kind of vested interest in it. It didn’t really matter. The moominbeach grandparents greatly appreciated the trailer because the GG would regularly host Uncle Fester Club parties, packing any cousins in who were around. Those parties featured Jiffy Pop and once The Marquis tried to tell a scary story but he got halfway through the first sentence and when the kids heard him say “The Cylinder”, everybody screamed and chaos ensued. At any rate, the grandparents (and some of us mooms 🐽) all appreciated the Little Princess because it provided them with a peaceful evening. Once MDUH told me if we ever had a problem with the princess to please let him know and he would help if he could🧡

The Cylinder? The Cylinder? Say what? My dear late little brother The Engineer used to swear up and down that there was an old oil tank at the bottom of the lake somewhere out in front of Doelle’s. I have never seen this artifact but I have to admit when I am kayaking in that area I DO NOT LOOK DOWN!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Ooh, a ghost story trailer? I doubt that my Subie would tow either and since it doesn’t have a hitch, I won’t be trying it out.