Pandemic driving adventure

So I had a “date” to meet up with Amazon Woman at the Fedex shop on State Street so we could send my broken laptop off to the Mother Ship.

Okay State Street… How do I get there from here? This was REALLY ridiculous because I have been driving over to State Street for umpteen bazillion years. In the Jurassic Age I was at Briarwood Mall constantly and later on spent a lot of time at Cost Plus World Warehouse. Not to mention the Honda dealer is over there. I stopped most in-person shopping for everything but grocks waaaaay pre-pandemic when I turned into a big-time flinger. And we don’t currently own a Honda.

I did google where it was on State Street (just north of Cost Plus and kind of across from the Honda dealer) and it’s okay, I got over there without a problem, met Amazon Woman in the parking lot, and she shooed me off to deal with the business of mailing a Fedex box herself. I have the best boss!

When I got home, I was just about to email Robert, my super-duper tech person to let him know I had FINALLY sent my laptop. Before I could do that, there was an incoming call on Teams FROM Robert wondering if I had fallen of the face of the planet. I said “Hey, I was just gonna email you. I just walked in the door after dropping it off at Fedex.”

In other news, I was hanging out at The Landfill last night with all my LED lights on when someone came to the door!!! Who could it be. It was my new next door neighbor. “Is your power out?” Well. I didn’t notice that it was although I had tried to start the dishwasher and it gave me an error code. Suddenly I had the brilliant idea to check the INCANDESCENT lights. Brownout. All roight. He had made a report to DTE and I made my own. Shortly after that, ALL the lights went out.

We had heavy rain yesterday but no lucky-shuckial storms or high winds (that I could remember) so I wasn’t sure what happened. A facebook friend reported that a tree had fallen on to some waaaaars. That didn’t sound like a major event so I went to bed and when I woke up to visit the Water Closet at four or so, the lights were back on, including the annoying lamp by the GG’s side of the bed, which seems to have a mind of its own.

Now the question is, did the dishwasher run or not? This morning, the soap pod dispenser was empty and the dishes seemed clean. So maybe it started up in the middle of the night when the power came on?

One Response to “Pandemic driving adventure”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The mysteries of power outages! My last one was substantial (for me) but generally it’s a blink out and JUST long enough to foul up the clocks. Argghhh.