First day of fall came in like a lion. Heavy rain most of the night continuing into morning. I don’t keep track of my mouse’s work schedule so I didn’t know if she worked early or not today but I was thinking of her this morning, driving there in the dark in heavy rain. As it turns out, she was at work and I encountered her there during a quick early trip for grocks.

Because the GG is outta town, I am even less interested in menu planning than usual (this is pandemic related (I think)). So I was buying prepared food. A serving of turkey lasagne, a serving of turkey meatloaf, chicken salad, potato salad, and let’s not talk about the Great Lakes cherry potato chips. Here is Great Lakes online and they have a lot of flavors if cherry doesn’t float your boat (and it doesn’t float everyone’s boat). Lizard Breath ordered us a variety pack of these chips early on in the pandemic and I ordered more but they are available in Michigan stores so now I buy them there.

The gal I ordered some of my prepared food from at Plum this morning misheard part of my order, was very embarrassed about it, and thanked me for being so “nice”. Of COURSE I was NICE and I hope I reassured her that it was OKAY! It was a MINOR miscommunication and anyone who might have been angered by it needs to get a life. I’m beating a dead horse here but anyone who has been working in a likely low-wage service job throughout a pandemic deserves the utmost respect. I regularly count my lucky stars that I’ve had a cozy telecommuting job throughout. I was too terrified to even go in to stores until a couple MONTHS after I was vaxxed. I applaud all who have WORKED in service jobs. Many of them have probably had COVID. Some early enough that tests were not available. So glad for those who recovered and devastated for those who did not.

It has been scary to be a mom to an essential worker. And it’s not over yet. Please get vaxxed and mask up. For me and my relatives and friends if not for yourself.

I figured out my dishwasher did NOT run Monday night when the power went out despite the missing detergent pod. It ran like a charm last night.

And so we head on into the dark side of the year. I guess I’ll pontificate about that some other day. It isn’t all bad 🐸.

P.S. That sunset is from a couple weeks ago.

2 Responses to “Equinox”

  1. isa Says:

    Can I order you a fancy pizza again???

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’m excited to go for my third jab and am hoping it’s soon! I can’t imagine the stress of those who work closely with the public, especially since some people have been so incredibly stupid and belligerent. Kudos to our service workers! They truly are essential.