Supply chain stuff (stream of consciousness🐽)

I am really glad we snagged Cygnus back in May because apparently new vee-hickles are now hard to come by. I had been lolly-gagging a bit last winter and I’m not sure what made me “pull the trigger” to buy Cygnus. It’s typical for us to decide we want to buy a car, order one, and not really care when it arrives. I certainly didn’t predict a car shortage and fortunately we were able to get what we wanted in quick order.

On the other hand? Pumpkin spice flavors are everywhere again. No supply issues there. Note that I get this info mostly from bloggers and random advertisements. I am not hanging out at Starbucks or wherever.

Once, how many years ago was that? My then co-worker Louie-Louii brought all of us “girls” at work pumpkin lattes (or whatever). Surprisingly I actually liked it. I haven’t pursued another one since but that’s mostly because I don’t often patronize coffee shops. I mean I did used to go to Barry Bagels and you can get flavored coffee there but my order was always medium black coffee. And I don’t go there any more (because COVID) although typing this gave me a mini-crave for a tuna bagel. I can get curbside pickup at Barry’s but I am gonna reset the Landfill Chitchen this weekend so I don’t need any extra food.

Anyway, I liked the pumpkin latte but I was less enthused by pumpkin Triscuits. Plain please? And pumpkin Cheerios? NOOOOOOO! I don’t buy dry cereal any more (except for when I make Chex Mix). If I did, I would buy the PLAIN Cheerios I have loved since I was three or so. I used to carry a small stash around in a little green vinyl(?) purse, one of the childhood artifacts I wish I still had.

I’m not an expert on supply chains. I just know that in the beginning of all this I was thinking we’d be living on beans and rice. Well, not. Steak, Copper River salmon (in season), and all kinds of fresh veggies (in season and in this northern climate that season is extended by folks who grow things in hoop houses). Again, not to mention all of the workers at every link of the supply chain who have been risking their lives throughout to deliver this stuff to where I can buy it. Or pick it up or get it delivered.

Yeah, a stream of consciousness for tonight. My [late] brother The Engineer used to love when I did this. Man that was so long ago. He Guest Blahgged a couple times. I’ll have to dredge those up some day. I think he would’ve loved Cygnus 🧡

Love y’all, KW

2 Responses to “Supply chain stuff (stream of consciousness🐽)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    New and used cars are in short supply. I’m thankful to have a relatively new car with low miles. (thanks, pandemic) I like Honey Nut cheerios but wouldn’t buy them. I’ve never liked cereal besides granola which doesn’t really count. I live in the Land of Sbux but HATE pumpkin spice coffees. Or beer. Put that pumpkin spice in a frosted bar, cake or cookie and I’m all over it though. 🙂

  2. Pam J. Says:

    That reminds me! Way back in April we decided to finally get our kitchen remodeled. It was a relatively new kitchen when we moved into this house — in 1986 — but that makes the kitchen ancient by American standards. The idea of giving up my kitchen for 2-3 months was just too much to bear. But now we have no choice. It’s literally falling apart. The plan was to start the remodel in September and the contractor, way back in April, said that we had started planning early enough that September should be “no problem.” Hah. Here we are in late September and the last I heard, about a month ago, the cabinets were still on back order, with a delivery date of 17-18 weeks. That’s what they told us in July also. I’m getting the impression that the delivery date will permanently be 17-18 weeks away unless I start putting serious pressure on the builder. I almost forget about the re-model. Your post reminded me of it. Can you tell I really don’t want to do this?? I’m terrible at being a squeaky wheel; my husband is even worse. Will I live only enough to see a re-modeled kitchen? Not sure.