I have thrown out so much dead lettuce this summer!

This mess represents the partial contents of my “pantry”, the remains of my pandemic stash, and some grocks that came home from the moomin. This is mid-prodject. I am trying to decide how to organize this stuff so I DON’T BUY THINGS I ALREADY HAVE MULTIPLE TIMES! My preference is to keep a limited supply of grocks around and only buy [most] things when I need them. I mean, I live in a cornucopia and my fave grock shop is a three minute drive/10 minute walk away. The pandemic blew that strategy away but knock on wood I am braving grocery stores again, early when nobody’s there and MASKED! So. I gotta get control again!

I mean how many bottles of vinegar can one own? I have TWO bottles of RICE vinegar, which I almost never use. I could donate one but I think they’re both open🐽. And then there are the two bags of coffee beans. When we came down from the moomin, we found we had forgotten the coffee and there was apparently none here (but I shouldda looked) so the GG went out and bought some. Today I found THAT BAG plus an unopened one. Jeebus.

Before I put this stuff away, I’m considering making an inventory even though I have tried that approach any number of times and it always falls apart. I am human. I don’t always follow through. But maybe my phone will help me with that? We’ll see. I’m gonna let it all sit there overnight and hope I get inspired.

I have two boxes of Tazo tea bags. I am not a tea drinker and I think they belong to a beach urchin (and have been here for a couple years, thank you COVID). At one point this afternoon I thought maybe I could get rid of them. A familiar looking gray Civic pulled up in front of the Landfill and parked. This was unexpected. And it was a false alarm because I made a quick visit to the Water Closet and when I came out the Civic was gone. [Note that this is NOT a hint!]

Anyway, the GG will be back soon with whatever food (and lettuce) he has picked up in his recent travels. Oh yeah, lettuce. I used to buy lettuce all the time. My go-to Cubelandia lunch was a small Pyrex container with leftovers on the bottom and a bit of salad on top. Somehow that stopped when I became a full-time telecommuter. I like lettuce and lettuce is gooood for you but I guess I took a little break. But I always bought my lettuce from the Goetz Family Farm (or whoever) at the farmers market. I am not a fan of grocery store lettuce. I like leaf lettuce but even at the upscale stores it seems to wilt just about immediately.

Note to those who also buy grocks around here (aka mostly the GG). Please please please when you go to the grocery store, don’t ask me what I need (usually not much). Instead tell me what’s on YOUR LIST and I’ll tell you if we ALREADY HAVE IT OR NOT.

2 Responses to “I have thrown out so much dead lettuce this summer!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m throwing out stuff from the kids’ stay, over a month later. I seem to want to eat lettuce, but then don’t, so it goes to waste. I know what you mean about having duplicates or even triplicates!

  2. Jay Says:

    One set of our kids uses some grocery app where each person can add things to their list, and whomever shops can see the list. I wonder if you can just add “don’t buy” in front of an item.