Actually it is a landscape drawn by the Big Lake They Call Gitchee Gumee using sawdust as a medium. With sand as a canvas. Gitchee Gumee doesn’t always make such elegant art. Sometimes she dumps big nondescript piles of sawdust on the beach.

I took this years ago, I think with my first iPhone, which was THE first iPhone. I can tell by the sorta rainbow-looking color wash, which it often applied to photos taken in various light conditions. It did other weirder stuff like once when it turned the whole moominbeach into a big other-worldly curve. Somebody back then told me that the iPhone camera was basically a scanner. I may not be remembering that accurately but I think the cam is a lot different now. I’m still using the XS. I wonder when I will upgrade. I remember when I was a middle school PTO treasurer and general Glue, I expressed just a weeee bit of mild [friendly] envy that a fellow PTO Lady had newer tech than I did. Her reply was something like, “That’ll last until YOU get new tech and then I’ll be behind YOU!” Indeed. You can’t win this kind of game so I don’t really play it. I generally replace my phone when I need to (or the GG wants to upgrade).

I loved this woman so much ANYWAY. We always worked Fun Nights together and I was always told my ONLY job was to manage the money, which was fine with me because I HATE chaperoning kids. One of my fave memories from Fun Nights (which my daughter did NOT attend 🤣) was when a bunch of non-Forsythe kids kept trying to get in and we kept kicking them out. Then Faz, our crazy [long gone now, alas] pizza guy, drafted them to help bring pizzas in, which they did on ROLLER SKATES. We were somehow oblivious until Mr. Madison (principal) caught them. He dubbed them The Fazettes. I miss those folks sometimes but I don’t miss having that particular child in that particular middle school. I had to suppress a scream of joy when I got the call that she had made it into “Commie” High (public alternative school of choice) after a couple months on the wait list (kids are chosen by lottery).

Talk about stream of consciousness, I start with sawdust and end up with middle school. I couldn’t have predicted that if I tried. I’ll quit while I’m ahead (?).

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I also disliked chaperoning students and rarely did so. They could usually find money needy young teachers to do the duty and stay up that late.