This is my phone on drugs

I mentioned this photo yesterday and after much searching I finally found it back in 2008. I remember I bought my first iPhone in 2007 but couldn’t remember when I first upgraded to whatever I had next. Oh hey, I can probably look it up. And yes, that upgrade must’ve been to the 3GS. Actually we have a stack of old iPhones around here somewhere so it’s probably still around. But the ORIGINAL iPhone is DEFINITELY the one that took the photo. I remember when I took it I noticed something looked a little weird but I continued to sashay down the beach without inspecting the photo. Later on I was like WTF?

But the photo is apropos to how my brain feels after two days of intense rabbit-holing [at work] only to discover that the solution I was looking for was SUPER SIMPLE. I do not have a comprehensive understanding of how this little corner of our sprawling application works and in looking through the original spec (which I did not write), I missed a very important sentence. If I had written the spec, I’d’ve known how it worked, at least after a little memory refresh. But that was back in the day when there were two, three, and for a while FOUR of me so the work got divvied up between us. Nowadays I am the one and only meeeee. Anyway, I have internalized it now and I won’t forget. Warding off Alzheimer’s one rabbit hole at a time.

The GG has been sitting on his posterior ALL DAY except for a trip to Harbor Freight Tools (his new fave hardware store) and a short stint of doing something with a power tool in the back yard, probably breaking up the branch I “managed” last week to put in the compost cart. What was he doing all day? Working on North Country Trail stuff of course. Now he’s complaining that his posterior hurts. Well, yeah. What did you expect?

One Response to “This is my phone on drugs”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sitting on my posterior too long hurts my back and my rear. This photo reminds me of the scene from “Interstellar” when they’re on the water planet and the huge wave comes.