The leaflet season

Click and click again to see the “leaflets” a little better. I dunno what tree these things come from. I actually looked around for it this morning but couldn’t figger it out.

These itsy bitsy little leaflets are AWFUL. There’s no way to keep them from getting tracked into the Landfill, even if you take your shoes off in the entryway. And the GG is in and out with or without shoes ALL THE TIME. Then there’s vacuuming them up. I use Rooomba for a lot of my vacuuming. The big tornado upright vac drives me nuts plus it’s kind of broken. Rooomba is wondrous for most stuff but she does not pick up these little leaflets very well, so we have to pull out the tornado vac. We have something like five vacs but that’s a whole ‘nother story. One of them is something like 70 years old.

There were only a few of these things on the ground this morning. It rained off and on all day, sometimes heavily, and that probably influenced a lot of leaflets to let go and meet their demise. I guess this is the beginning of fall. It seems a bit late this year. Very green still with a bit of color around the edges and the big leaves just beginning to fall. My impatiens are STILL going great guns and there have been occasional hummingbirds at them. I’m only a very casual birder but this seems late.

As per my typical mid-pandemic grock shopping style, I went to Plum shortly after it opened. I bought a FEW items and didn’t get near anyone else for more than about a split second. I was MASKED and the few other people I saw were too. I bought a Zingerman’s baguette, mushrooms, boneless chicken thighs, pierogis, pita chips, aaaaaannnnd CHOCOLATE CHIPS! Ghirardelli chocolate chips! Semi sweet. And I was worried that Plum might have an “off” brand? Roight. Stay tuned to see if/what I do with these. It might not happen until the weekend.

P.S. Mid-pandemic? Yes. I have a strong hunch we are not done with this yet and we won’t be until the unwashed (oops, I mean the unvaxxed) get jabbed. MASK UP!

One Response to “The leaflet season”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Leaves and pine needles get tracked in everywhere. I rarely wear shoes inside but still manage to track them in, probably on my socks from the laundry room. Chocolate chip cookies? Yum.