October blues

It wasn’t exactly a bad day but other than getting up even earlier than usual and doing the xword and spelling bee in the dark (during a beautiful rainstorm), there wasn’t much to write home about. 1) An annoying traffic situation involving a bus just pulling out of a stop, a vee-hickle in the right lane I hesitated for because I THOUGHT it was passing me (on the right) and maybe thinking about passing the bus. But no turn signal so who knew. Aaaaand a big f*ckin’ pickup truck directly on my butt HONKING LIKE HELL. SLOOOOOW DOWN. 2) A moom in a maskless school district in Georgia where EVERYBODY is getting SICK WITH COVID calls the superintendent to complain about no masks and he a) blames it on undocumented immigrants and b) LAUGHS AT HER when she tries to call him out on that! This man is a total idiot. She recorded the call. I hope there are consequences for him. COVID remains a public health emergency and there is no excuse for this man’s behavior. Faaaar him. Fast.

So. How about a collection of pics from October 2020? Not necessarily in chronological order.

The GG hiking with the Softies (not shown) and Softy Beanbag (head sticking out of backpack). Once when he chaperoned a second grade field trip, he took Softy with him, attached to his backpack somehow. One of the teachers spied Softy and said something like, “Nothing has been going right this morning but now I know it’s all gonna be okay.” The GG is wonderful with groups of kids. Me not so much.

I met up with various cousins at MDUH’s house. It was pre-vaccine but most travelers had spent time in town isolating at Air BnBs and I isolate by definition. And MDUH’s house had a deck (he has since moved – by his own choice) and it was warm so we ate outside. MDUH was flinging and I took this artifact home. I am not in an acquisitional stage but it’s from my dad/grandad’s bank. Remember when banks gave out ashtrays?

We are a pretty blue city but you didn’t have to go too far out in the county to find big TRUMP signs. I was somewhat heartened (but still nervous) to find a lot of ByeDon signs, even out in the county. Well. Some parts of the county. This one is my next door neighbors’.

I dropped my ballot off at Vet’s Park early on a BEAUTIFUL morning. My fingers were sooooo crossed that we wouldn’t have to endure four more ORANGE years. Note that I said orange. Not red or blue.

My impatiens looked pretty good last year. This year they are really lush. The ones at the moomincabin were fine all summer but died out at the end. Did Heinrich (snowshoe hare) get them? Some people think so but I’m not sure.

Apparently I got up late whatever this morning was because at this time of year it is pitch black at the time I usually take my walk and Mr. Golden Sun doesn’t rise until after I get home. Actually I love the morning dark.

And this is the day that I found out that the She-shed is electrified!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s getting so dark in the mornings now. It’s difficult for me to wrap my head around some people’s lack of logic and horrible behavior these days. So discouraging.