Vax card scramble

So, I became aware at some point while I was still at the moomincabin that I couldn’t easily get my hands on my vax card. This was precipitated by the news that boosters would likely be recommended.

First. I don’t take my vax card everywhere I go. I don’t need it to get in to the grocery store and the farmers market is OUTSIDE although I do go inside Kerrytown for the whole chickens the GG likes to grill and other stuff. I don’t go inside many other places. But I do pack it when I am “traveling”, which for me mostly means from my residence on the Planet to the family seasonal residence in the yooperland. I remembered carefully packing it and not UNpacking it but I couldn’t remember where it was packed.

I knew I would have to deal with this at some point but I got the J&J and so am not eligible for a booster yet so I procrastinated. Until. Today. The Mother Ship (big global corporation I work for in case that wasn’t clear) sent out an email. Upload a copy of your vax card by Friday or “else”. I’m not sure what else is but…

That was incentive enough that I jumped up immediately and looked in a pocket in one of my rolling suitcases and VOILA! There was my card along with the moomincabin property tax bill that I thought I had but didn’t and a book of checks (to pay the property tax bill) and an envelope and stamps. To mail the property tax bill with. Gah. It’s okay. I had fun meeting the township treasurer at her day job although I’m sure she thinks I am nutso.

So now my vax card is at hand and also in my phone (as an image). I am impressed that my employer is requiring COVID vaccines even when many employees (like me) are telecommuters. I mean telecommuters may work from home but they could be out in public going to restaurants and attending concerts, etc. I am not doing any of those things.

One Response to “Vax card scramble”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have a copy of my vax card on my phone and hope that will work most places. I’m a Triple Shotter.