Don’t got much

About the biggest excitement of the day came early when the spelling bee pangram was the first word I got and it was… drum roll… EGGPLANT! This totally cracked me up. No, it doesn’t take much. Unfortunately I couldn’t UNsee it after that so it took me a while to get on a roll for finding OTHER words.

I’ve been [frequently] making eggplant parmesan for more years than I am strong enough to count. The recipe I originally used was from the Vegetarian Epicure and I have not varied it much. Occasionally I end up with some extra spaghetti sauce in the freezer and I use that instead of the simple sauce in the recipe. That version of it is not veggie since I put ground beef in my spaghetti sauce.

Up and outta here early to hit the farmers market before everybody else did but then couldn’t believe how many people were there. I wanted salmon but there were too many people hanging around Monahan’s seafood counter for my taste in this pandemic time (glad their shop is doing well though).

I now PERSONALLY know TWO vaxxed people who have had breakthrough COVID cases complete with symptoms, thankfully mild ones. Up until now, the only people that had COVID that I knew PERSONALLY were an elderly aunt and uncle. They were in poor health and living in a nursing home when the plague struck and they both died. And don’t get me wrong, I view their deaths as just as tragic as those of younger people. Our elders may not have much time left to live but they deserve a better death than the one COVID provides. I think people should STILL be masking and distancing, vaxxed or not. All right, I’ll shaddup about that for now. (After thinking about it overnight, it occurred to me I know a few more people who had COVID. They are fine!)

I frequently got hummus from Argus Farm Stop in my delivery orders (which I am on a bit of a break from but will definitely do again). Today I got some directly from the producer! Who is an extremely friendly lady. Not that it matters at all but I loved her and I’ll have to try some of her other stuff. I remember when hummus was a “new” thing to a lot of us who grew up without “exotic” food. I love telling my Jewish buddies that I met my first bagel at about the age of 16 and it was a Lender’s bagel from the A&P or whatever and we ate them toasted with butter 🐽🐽🐽 I used to try to make my own hummus back in the Jurassic Age. I was not very successful and would rather pay an expert to make it for me.

I had a list of Plum stuff too. The GG has been rummaging the mostly empty refrigimatator since he returned from his most recent boondoggle so I bought some easily grab-able salads and stuff for him. And some chips. When I am Moom Alone, I am on a CRUSADE to eat leftovers. The pic is after I left the Plum and that red light is one of the longest lights in town so I was in no danger while taking the pic. Left turn outta Maple Village on to N. Maple. During the weeks Maple to the right of this intersection was closed for the Big Water Main Break there was no need for a traffic light there and my quick trips to the Plum were as easy as pie.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I like some hummus but not all. I’m very picky. I’m doing pick up again these days, even though the masking I see at the grocery store has been (in general) excellent.