‘lectric Jack reflects on life

Or at least the Landfill ceiling.

Jeebus, what an antsy day I had. I have to be very careful about how much coffee I drink because if I have a drop too much I will be hanging out on the ceiling with ‘lectric Jack. Sometimes it doesn’t even take an extra drop. I had about a cup and a half this morning and I had a really hard time focusing on ANYTHING all day. And my coffee cups are on the small side.

What did I manage to do today? Puzzles except I have five blank spaces in the xword. I’ll eventually figger ’em out. Cut up tenderloin and veggies for kebabs tonight. Finished one book (The Stone Sky, third in N. K. Jemisin’s wild sci-fi Broken Earth Trilogy) and started another one (Crossroads, Jonathan Franzen, an author I haven’t read before). I loved the sci-fi. Crossroads is a TOTAL 180 but so far pretty good but we’ll see if the characters end up annoying me.

Nevertheless, by the end of the day I was kind of a nervous wreck, frantically doom-scrolling (or just scrolling) social media. We won’t talk about that. I NEED TO GET BACK TO FLINGING AND START DOING SOME FIBER ART STUFF! Preferably slow-stitching stuff.

I “inherited” ‘lectric Jack from The Commander. The last Halloween of her life she was rather grumpily adjusting to life in an assisted living apartment. Festivities were planned and residents were decorating. We set her up with lights and costume stuff and I think she borrowed a witch’s hat from my cuz TBJ. But she was also insisting on her electric Jack-o-Lantern and I had NO CLUE what/where that was. I mentioned it to Connie (her uber cleaning lady) who knew exactly what she was talking about and where it was. Alas, the Comm didn’t get to spend Halloween in her apartment as a bout of pneumonia sent her to the hoosegow. She survived that stay but it wasn’t the last one and each time she returned “home” a little weaker.

So ‘lectric Jack lives with me (and Froggy and Frogette and Green Guy and Bucky Beaver and Softy) now and I appreciate that he provides Instant Halloween. Just plug him in. No fuss, muss, or pumpkin vomit.


2 Responses to “‘lectric Jack reflects on life”

  1. isa Says:

    <3 <3 <3

  2. Margaret Says:

    My mother-in-law had a really cool Halloween house, but it eventually ran of steam. I enjoyed the easy decoration. I can’t handle too much coffee either but I always have decaf around, so that I can have some of that (or a half caf) if I crave the warmth and taste.