1050s house?

Yep. The King of Cryptic Text Messages sent this pic with that caption. Um. 1050? The folks who lived in what is now the NE United Snakes of America did not live in dwellings that look like this or use this kind of dishware. Oh, 1850s? Yeah, that’s better. He is camping/hiking in Ohio on his way to a special event that I will talk about when it happens along with my excruciating decision not to attend 🐸

Somewhere I stumbled upon an article about how employment perks have changed since the pandemic sent so many of us home. My company has presented some things, mostly on-line classes and things. I applaud their efforts but I have not participated. I devised my own exercise routine umpteen bazillion years ago and am not probably gonna change it at this point in my life. Financial advice would probably have been welcome 30 years ago but I don’t really need it now.

Mental health tips? Really I am okay. Turns out that an introvert (even a friendly one) can easily exist in a mostly solitary mode. I mean the GG is often here (except when he’s not and it’s calmer when he’s not 😉). I/we have a couple of weekly “zoom” groups with friends. I don’t see my kids all that often but I do get texts from them occasionally, actually more often with Liz now that we check in about the NYT puzzles every morning before work. “Did you get the pangram yet?” Etc. 🐽 I do know that a lot of people are struggling more than I am and I don’t mean to make light of that.

This article discussed a number of other perks, some of which I like better than others. Kitchen-themed care package? Um, I have MULTIPLE cutting boards and I flung a bunch of mugs a while back. That stuff would go straight to the Kiwanis Thrift. Pet adoption fees? This is a wonderful gesture but could go either way in my opinion. Not everyone can (or wants to) take care of a pet. I hate to see pets get adopted and then returned because they weren’t a good “fit”. Pets are a HUGE commitment and this could incite people to adopt who maybe shouldn’t. Personally I live in a NO PET ZONE. Snack subscription boxes? I am not a big snack hound but that could be dangereuse for some people and maybe cancel out the exercise stuff? Aromatherapy candles? Double-nope. House-plant of the month? Oh man, do you have any idea how fast I kill houseplants?

Virtual pizza party sounded like fun until I realized that people MIGHT want to show their faces instead of hiding behind their badge photo. My badge photo is actually not too bad for a baggy old bag. It’s a lot better than the fugly I posted as my facebook profile pic for “this scary season”. Scary indeed.

There was a lot more and I hope I don’t sound too curmudgeonly here. If I were a young homeowner, I would probably be more intrigued by kitchen-themed care packages and I might even be more interested in house plants (live and learn). I know better than to adopt a pet. I am a one dog woman even on a three dog night.

Again, I greatly enjoyed reading about all of these new-fangled perks. There is a lot of creativity behind all of these things and I am SURE that a lot of remote workers are excited about signing up for them.

Now, what do we do for the workers who have to deal with the unwashed/unvaxxed/unmasked and sometimes just plain frickin’ rude public (and PLEASE don’t forget grocery/restaurant/retail workers). First thing off the TOP of my head? Home COVID tests. And pay increases. I’m pretty sure I’m preaching to the choir here but if you are NOT vaxxed, GET VAXXED! And wear a goddamn mask into the grocery story because some customers don’t.

P.S. On a lighter(?) note, the GG had to VACUUM lady bugs outta the Lyme Lounge after his hike today and there were also a lot of stink bugs. Maybe it’s better to hike Ohaaaao in zee vinter?

2 Responses to “1050s house?”

  1. Jay Says:

    So, houseplant of the month would be perfect for you! You only have to keep them alive for 30 days.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I had the same thought as Jay! Must be that Finlayson snark gene. 😉