Play day

I’ve been feeling like I needed a day off lately so yesterday I had a Come To Jeebus meeting with my timesheets. And guess what? No wonder I need a day off. I have quite a sizeable number of PTO hours to burn before end-of-year. Our vacay hours can’t be carried over into the next year, which I have no complaints about.

So. Okay, I’ll take tomorrow off (that would be today) and a few other Fridays including the day after Thanksgiving. And I usually take most of the time between xmas and New Year’s off. There is NEVER anything going on then and although I can always find something to do, why bother?

Back in the day when I only had two weeks off per year, I would telecommute during the holidays but once I got cabin fever and schlepped in to Cubelandia. When I arrived, the LSCHP (my boss at the time) boomed, “Look at what the cat dragged in!” He had no clue about how many vacation hours I had left and didn’t expect me (or anyone else) to show up. And in fact, he was hoping no one would so he could have the place to himself. Did he care if I was productive? Probably not at that moment.

It took me a while to figure out why I had so much time left this year. Normally I try to take a solid two weeks in the summer. At the moomincabin. Summer 2021? I was at the moomin a LOT including a whole six weeks. I was ALONE there a lot of that time. Apparently if I am at the beach, it doesn’t matter whether I am working or not. I am simply THERE.

My dad had a more stressful job than I do and I’m thinking when I was a little kid he only had two weeks off per year. It’s hard to believe that since he was a bank VP at that time. Here I am a lowly business analyst and I get almost five weeks. The difference for him was that he LIVED and WORKED in Sault Ste. Siberia so we MOVED to the moomin for the entire summer. It was an easy 15-20 minute drive to his job. He still valued his two weeks off and us [horrible] kids used to taunt him when his vacay was almost up, singing “One more day of vacation”. I don’t remember all the words but the tune was “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”. Even though he was living there he still had to go into the bank every day.

P.S. Mask up. I have heard of TWO MORE breakthrough cases today. These are people I KNOW!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I will! I always mask–but not around the people I’m most likely to get it from: my mom, John, my daughter. They are all vaccinated but they, in turn, interact, with other people. It’s such a chain. I’m glad you’re taking some time for yourself! I had lots of time off, although some of it was actually on (prep days, planning, getting more credits, etc.) I also didn’t make a whole lot of money, but the trade offs were more important to me.