Congratulations are in order 🥂🥂🥂

The son of one of my cousins got married this afternoon. The wedding took place in upstate New York near the Finger Lakes.

Oof, the GG attended the wedding but I did not. Why? Because I am one of the biggest COVID cowards on earth. This young couple has been very careful to ensure their guests’ safety but even though I am fully vaxxed, I couldn’t make myself travel there and gather with a sizeable number of people, at least some of the time in indoor venues. This is not a complaint! These are great “kids” and I wish them a wonderful wedding and all the best for their future together.

Here’s the thing. I won’t name names but I now personally know FOUR people who have had breakthrough cases. Two are relatives, the others are very good friends. All are fully vaxxed and the two who have already recovered had mild cases and are fine. Still. One of those cases caused a POTENTIAL exposure in my household, resulting in someone sleeping in the Lyme Lounge (in the driveway) until a second negative test. Nobody really knows exactly when or where this person was exposed and I do NOT blame them! It was really a pretty minor inconvenience for us. There’s just so much we STILL don’t know about the virus and even information from sources I trust (not facebook conspiracy theory crapola) has been hard to decipher.

I’m also not doing all that well with traveling during the plague. Driving from The Landfill (which I own) to the Moomincabin (which my family owns) is one thing. Dealing with obtaining food and lodging on a multi-day road trip I am not CURRENTLY comfortable with. It is not something I can control as well as I can control a trip to the moomin. I am okay with using rest areas again although I don’t like when they are crowded and no one is masking.

The GG drove, as did a lot of other people. Part of his trip involves hiking the North Country Trail in Ohio. He took the Lyme Lounge and parked it in a campground in eastern Ohio, hiked, then left it there to drive to the wedding. He’ll pick it up on the way back and do more hiking if weather permits. I think he’s staying in a cheapo chain hotel during the wedding. I won’t name the chain but it is NOT my fave, especially the one at the end of the Knoxville airport runway and the druggie one in downtown Bradenton.

CHEERS to my young first cousin once removed and his bride. I knew she was a keeper the first time I met her or maybe it was the first time she showed up on Instagram. SEEYA ON THE BEACH!🧡🧡🧡

2 Responses to “Congratulations are in order 🥂🥂🥂”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t blame you at all. I’m conflicted about many things these days.

  2. Pooh Says:

    We missed you, but totally understand! NPJ did get a Covid test (or two) when she got back. Negative, so hurrah for that. The GG did get mistaken as husband to our friend, Joanie, but that was merely b/c of proximity.