Goat path driving

When I took this pic, I thought I was taking a photo of a roadside memorial. And you can see that but what I decided I liked most about the photo was the lace of leaves in front of the cornfield or whatever that is. Also, I then had moments of remorse (if that’s the right word) for taking the picture at all. It felt a little voyeuristic somehow, taking a picture of someone else’s loved one’s memorial from a car accident.

To back up, it was Sunday morning and it was GORGEOUS and my chores were largely done and jazzzzz was about to come on the radio and Cygnus and I had a Mission! That mission was to drive Lima Center Road from its southern endpoint to its northern. (I did not actually go all the way to the south end because Pleasant Lake is in the way). We have a lot of lovely back roads in the county and the terrain changes between flat and twisty turny up and down glacial stuff. Lima Center Road was my focus for the day. It’s mostly flat but there is one particularly pretty place where there’s a double bend in the road that navigates around a creek.

There were a lot of photo ops on this little boondoggle but when I am driving solo, I get past those ops toooo fast, even at a very slow speed and I am not calibrated to back up and stop.

Then there is the whole sun-dappled thing. Someday I may figger out how to capture the sun shining through the woods. Even driving is a bit difficult because it’s hard enough to see deer on the side of the road when the light is a little flatter.

Another time, when approaching this double bend, there was a CHICKEN in the middle of the road (there’s a farm there). The chicken did not seem to care that a vee-hickle was approaching and I had to shift down to slow-as-she-goes so as not to hit it. I didn’t hit it.

This boring little story could end here but it didn’t. Alas, I received complaints that I took “my” car out on dirt roads and heeeee will have to wash it. Cygnus belongs to both of us but the intention is that I’ll drive her the most. I was a bit nonplussed that someone was trying to tell me where I could drive 💩 Not sure what that was all about but the GG has driven me down some truly scary roads in our time together and I don’t think Lima Center Road on a sunny day compares to a utility goat path near Gaylord. In a snowstorm…

2 Responses to “Goat path driving”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the lacy branches in the photo too. I’m always a little persnickety about dust/dirt when I first get a car, then within a year I don’t care. 🙂

  2. Mouse Says:

    I’d forgotten cars could be “clean”, though I was extra glad for a recent trip through Lighthouse today – RainX on the windshield!! Anyway, you know who taught me to appreciate a good dirt road. Glad I turned you guys onto Crosstreks!