Memories of my old parking place

Three years ago yesterday I arrived at Cubelandia at the exact moment a flock of geese took off on their southward journey. Aaaannnd I had enough of my wits about me to get a pic!

I have no idea how many goose flocks our business park supported SUPPORTS! I am not there but the geese did not leave with me. Many geese stay throughout the winter.

Three years ago today? I arrived to see this spectacular sunrise. I didn’t have to scramble to get this shot.

It was so much fun to have my very own parking place all those years. I mean it wasn’t ASSIGNED to me in any kind of official way like my dad, who had a name plate marking his spot. (I still have the plate at the moomin.) It was just that nobody else ever parked back in the row I parked in except for the occasional birder might park over there. Great birding spot.

Here at the Landfill I don’t get my own spot unless I’m the only one here. Otherwise we are constantly jockeying vee-hickles around. At least we only own two vee-hickles these days. Plus the Lyme Lounge which only lives here part time. It was a lot worse back when we had three or four (yes, really) to deal with. I know people who have downsized the number of vee-hickles they own to one, especially during the pandemic. I applaud them but it won’t happen here.

That’s about all my over-fried brain can come up with today. It was a looooong (but fun) workday and it was 70 degrees at the end of it so I hung out in the back yard for a bit reading my current book Cloud Cuckoo Land, which I am greatly enjoying. This won’t be the last day I’ll be able to hang out back there but our days are numbered as we count down to EDT.

I’ll have to do a boooook blaaaahg soon.
Sayonara, KW

One Response to “Memories of my old parking place”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Anthony Doerr? I didn’t like “All The Light…” so I probably won’t read that one. (if it’s him) I only have one car but since it’s just me, that makes sense. Now Alison’s Jeep Cherokee is also parked at my place.