Pre-COVID Lyme Lounge partay featuring Softy Beanbag

Actually for the last couple nights I’ve been sleeping in the Lyme Lounge with Softy and Turnstile (stuffed seal). Why am I sleeping in the Lyme Lounge? We have not been EXPOSED to COVID. That is to say that neither of us has shared air with anyone who has tested positive that we know of. But we’re being careful because the GG was at an event with a lot of people last weekend. Although there were strict attendance requirements, I know too many people lately who have gotten breakthrough cases and don’t know where they got them, likely young grandchildren in some cases, f*ck you delta. I don’t really think the GG is positive (and he feels fine!) but we’re being careful and he seems to be okay with that. He can be a bit cavalier 🐽

Thanks to UKW’s guidance around gathering at the moomin and Old Cabin last summer, I have home tests. They are adequate given that we aren’t traveling to Canananada or Europe or anywhere really, except in our own personal vee-hickles.

So yes, I do sometimes sleep with stuffed aminals. They were a huge part of my kids’ childhood. They both loved them. One of them identified with them so much that I learned to use them as communication tools in certain situations. If I really needed her to settle down or whatever, Chrissy the Police Mouse (for example) speaking in a cute little squeaky voice was much more effective than WAAA WAA WAA from moom.

This could also backfire. Take the case of Froooggy who wreaked so much havoc that the GG banished him to the Landfill Dungeon for a few years.

When Froooggy was eventually sprung, the beach urchins were in college and he became my constant companion during the years I was traveling to deal/help with end-of-life issues for my parents, brother, and “favorite” aunt. When I got the call that my brother was probably going to die that day, I got a half mile away from The Landfill before I realized I had Froggy but not my purse 🐽

Favorite is in quotes because I loved ALL of my aunts but I always had a special kind of connection with Radical Betty. I know I am not the only person who felt that way about her 🧡🧡🧡

2 Responses to “Pre-COVID Lyme Lounge partay featuring Softy Beanbag”

  1. jane Says:

    I have home tests too and was negative Sunday night and again on Monday night.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I have several home tests but haven’t bothered with them. They seem very complicated! I would do it wrong. Good for you for being careful. And yes, the virus is definitely coming through the children these days. I do remember your connection with Radical Betty. Do you think you’re like her at all?