Goin’ around the sun

How time flies!

A few fun facts. I have two children. They are both girls (women nowadays). I WANTED them both to be girls. I KNEW they would both be girls. I was not surprised either time I heard, “It’s a girl!” I did not have an ultrasound with the first one. They were not yet ubiquitous for healthy pregnancies. I did with the second but although the tech offered to provide an opinion on the sex, we declined. I mean, I already knew, right? Don’t get me wrong, I’d’ve loved boys just as much but I was ultra happy with my girls. They also seemed to be happy to be girls and I can remember them ending more than one conversation about classmates (“others who are not girls”, as one of them would say) with a triumphant, “But WE are GIRLS!” Girl power.

For a while I pondered having a third child. In the end, I decided I didn’t want to go through it all again. In the long run it has worked out in that: 1) It was much easier for all of us to squeeze into our one bathroom “starter” house, especially during their teen years. 2) It is fewer people to squeeeeeeze into the moomincabin in the summer although we definitely bump up to the top of its capacity when we’re all there together. 3) I totally lucked out with both my girls in that they really never gave me one iota of serious trouble. Not because they were girls, because of who they are. Would we have produced a more challenging third child? I’ll never know.

So here’s the b-girl with her newborn sister. Can’t exactly tell but looks like the b-girl has a chocolate face. Or maybe a jam face. Nothing like getting your face all jammed up and walking up to your moom saying, “Want a kiss?” Baby sis is wearing her cute fishie onesie.

Girls/women or not, they ROCK! I love them and admire them greatly. Can I take credit for this? Naw, I just muddled through like most of us do, reinventing the wheel as I went. Well, except I did read to them ALL the time. Haha! They are sitting in the Reading Chair in the photoooo 🤣

Happy second pandemic birthday 🐽

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy Birthday to your elder! I contemplated having a third child too but my late husband wasn’t interested. I’m happy to have girls although I always saw myself as the mother to a son. Now I have a grandson, which is perfect!