In th’ Harness Agin! grok grok.

Ooohhhh Froooggggyyyyy? Did you post that survey yet?

Kee-reist! Grok grok. Ol’ Baggy is always makin’ me do ‘er skoolwerk fer her. Will sum o’ y’all pleeze click on th’ ol’ link down there ‘n’ take my frog survey? frgok grok. You’ll be anonymouse, nobuddy’ll know who answered what. grok grok. She’s testin’ ou’ this ol’ Zoomy-rang thing fer a skool prodject ‘n’ ify’all’ll do th’ survey, I kin go ou’ ‘n’ carouse aroun’ with all my friens’ like Ol’ Baggy wuz doin’ with all th’ ol’ Haisley Mafia peepl she kept on runnin’ into t’day. grok grokk. Amy’s mom ‘n’ Amy too ‘n’ Jess M’s dad ‘n’ Colleen’s parents. grokgrok. Evrybuddy but ol’ Vicki ‘n’ Jane. But that’s prob’ly a good thing ’cause when Vick ‘n’ Jane come aroun’ things git really crazy aroun’ here. Enyway, here’s th’ link ‘n’ take th’ frog survey:

my frog survey

Wha’s that, Ol’ Baggy? Oh, okay. She sez t’ say, If th’ survey doesn’ work, let us know.

One Response to “In th’ Harness Agin! grok grok.”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    ROTFL!! You’ll be posting the results, won’tcha???