The sun rose at 8:06 AM this morning. It rained cats and dogs all day. I am not complaining. I took a short version of my walk – it was a warm rain, which makes for good sleeping so I stayed in bed a wee bit longer than usual. Then before the sun rose, I drove out to the Jackson Road Meijer to pick up some Halloween xmas candy 🐽. Yes. The Halloween candy was totally gone and xmas candy was the only thing available. Another year I might’ve checked out another store. With the plague? I shoved my OCD into the corner and bought xmas candy. So what if it comes in red and green packaging?

The early morning was beautiful but in the end it was a pretty long slodgy day. Fridays are often quiet times at work. After years of doing a daily standup meeting *every* day, we have decided we can manage a meeting-free Friday. Of course, we can always call a meeting if we need to and someone did today but it didn’t have much to do with me so I just sat there on mute.

I found myself up to date on my current work assignments today so I ticked away at a back burner prodject until it was almost a reasonable quitting time. And then I shut down and started in on reading Hail Mary, which is by the author of The Martian. I have to psyche myself up a bit for his books, which I love but they are pretty intense. But also funny as a crutch.

We are not getting porterized tonight. I found myself a little relieved at that as I wasn’t really feeling up to it. I mean I am feeling *fine*, just a bit slodgy and was already thinking about proposing Virtual Oscar Tango for the evening. It was our “turn” to provide dinner and I had no ideas. And then last Friday was fun but when it was over, I got a Second Wind and didn’t get to bed until midnight, then had to drag myself outta the rack in time to get to the farmers market at seven which I can do but… So looking forward to bed a little closer to the usual hour tonight.

And that’s that. A boring day for sure. I hope yours was more exciting. Or maybe “fun” would be a better word. Exciting can go in a lot of different directions. Sayonara.

One Response to “Slooooodddggggy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Fridays were often slodgy evenings for me. Saturdays I was ready to socialize if I had the opportunity. Xmas candy is already out? That reminds me that I need to remind Alison about the Halloween candy I bought. If she decides not to do it, I’m going to have LOTS of Twix around. (which I don’t like)