Somebody’s tryna get my goat

Or are they trying to pull my chain? I’m not sure which but the digital pitcher frame on my counter here all of a sudden has some additional pics on it. Fuglies of Hillary Clinton apparently picking her nose (hey, we ALL do it!). A Monica Lewinsky meme “I’m voting Republican, the Democrats left a bad taste in my mouth.” Mohammad bomb head. Somebody taking a knee. Sigh…

These are all sprinkled in amongst family and beach photoooos etc., and he’s dreaming if he thinks he’s gonna get my goat with them. I wish his polly-ticks aligned more with mine but I don’t really care what he thinks about what I think. I absolutely voted for Hillary. I didn’t think she was the best candidate but there ain’t no way in hell I was EVER gonna vote for the Orange Baboon. Most other Republicans were also off my list because of their nihilistic attitude toward anything that matters to me. The former guy’s chaotic “presidential” term and the murderous (yes) GQP COVID policies in general sealed the deal. If you want me to consider voting for Republican candidates, you will have to present people who actually care about people who aren’t in their family and don’t look like them. With no strings attached.

I don’t really think Monica would make a good presidential candidate but most of us have done stupid things when we were young. Most of us are lucky enough that no one remembers those things. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t aspire to be president anyway. But you never know. And if she does, she deserves the same consideration as any other candidate. After all, she is an American citizen and born here as far as I know.

Alas, I have to laugh remembering the summer of The Blue Dress. My old coot was starting to get up in years at that point and was very jaded about polly-ticks in general. My parents were probably still voting Republican and I’m sure they weren’t crazy about Clinton. And neither was I but probably not for the same reasons. Anyway, we were up at the moomin with the parents and it got so that every time The Blue Dress was mentioned on NPR (which was OFTEN), he would say “stick it”. Right in front of his young grandchildren. I found this hilarious. Not sure what they thought… I don’t really know but I think his commentary was more about the president’s behavior than Monica’s.

The photooo is not Hillary. It is an antique mannequin in the Landfill Dungeon wearing the fugliest mask on earth. Every time I go down there into that room, it makes me jump out of my skin 🎃🎃🎃

2 Responses to “Somebody’s tryna get my goat”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    “I wish his polly-ticks aligned more with mine but I don’t really care what he thinks about what I think.”
    It’s early (yes, 10:30 AM is early in my world) but I’m confused. Who is “he” in this sentence? You husband? Zuckerberg?

  2. Margaret Says:

    I too wish that my late husband’s politics had aligned with mine. He leaned Libertarian and I often wonder what he would have thought of DJT. I doubt that he would have voted for him; he nearly always chose the L candidate, although I think he voted for Clinton (Bill) and liked him.