Data clumps

It was Radical Betty who I learned to freeze garbage from. This was during a period of time when the moominbeach folks took turns hauling the week’s garbage to The Dump. This was an actual dump, the old-fashioned kind where you could go to watch bears in the evening. My parental units frowned on dump bear watching but I went with friends a couple of times.

Anyway, Radical didn’t want whoever was making the dump run to have to smell HER garbage. Eventually I got to the point where we could go a week without filling up a kitchen bag of garbage and freezing it made sense because *I* didn’t want to smell the stinky stuff in my own chitchen.

When I was a young 20-something I once rode along with The Commander on a dump run. There are folks who think I didn’t get along with my mother but really I did and this seemed like a fun little trip. So we were driving along the shore road through the res and I was surprised that she missed the left turn onto Plantation Road (in the yooperland, “plantation” usually refers to stands of pine trees planted by the Civilian Conservation Corps). I didn’t say anything and I didn’t say anything when she DID turn left onto the road up to the Spectacle Lake Overlook (in the pic).

As you might guess by the pic, the overlook is NOT a place to dump garbage although I’m sure plenty of people have throughout history. Nowadays you would be in plenty of hot water if the tribal police caught you dumping garbage off there.

Of course we didn’t dump our garbage off the overlook. We laughed uproariously at this ridiculous mistake, then drove down off the overlook and back to the dump to properly dump our garbage.

Nowadays Plantation Road still exists sorta if your GPS calls it that. But the dump is gone and Plantation Road no longer angles off to the left and up the hill to the dump. We informally call Plantation Road “The Road to Nowhere” now but it leads to a fancy tribal-built facility where you can dump Green Bags of garbage. Easiest garbage system ever. Inexpensive and EXTREMELY convenient, especially for seasonal residents or folks without a lot of garbage. Like us.

Data clumps? This is what I’ve been dealing with at TeleCublandia for the last two days (or weeks) and you do NOT wanna know except that it’s why I am blahgging about garbage two days in a row 🐽🐽🐽

P.S. A few years ago I learned that my beloved Lansing friend G freezes his stinky garbage too. It is a thing!

2 Responses to “Data clumps”

  1. Isa Says:

    I freeze my compost through the week, taking it out involves unlocking the chain on the gate to the yard and wrestling with the screw top lid on a great big dangling compost barrel…

  2. Margaret Says:

    My only issue would be finding room in my freezer. I freeze quite a bit of stuff.