‘lectric Jack reflects

A few weeks ago, I caught ‘lectric Jack projecting. On the Landfill ceiling. Last night he was reflecting. He was actually reflecting in triplicate but the third copy is too faint to show up in the pic.

The real excitement this weekend was not Halloween. The real excitement was that we schlepped all the way over to the Scrap Box and dumped off four paper grocery bags, each one packed full with more grocery bags. Pristine Plum Market bags from all the months I was exclusively doing curbside pickup. Also a plastic grocery bag of whine corks but those have been collecting since a few years before the pandemic.

I try to keep up with what the Scrap Box needs (and doesn’t need) and their drop-off hours but it can be tricky, especially during the pandemic and they are way over near Ypsi these days. But Saturday night they posted that they were LOW on whine corks and paper grocery bags. Even better, they were open to drop offs yesterday afternoon.

So we loaded up Cygnus with our treasures and yes, they were ecstatic to get our stuff. Mind you, this little expotition did not happen without a Mask War. I dutifully put a mask on before I even got outta the car. The GG? I don’t need no stinkin’ mask! Even though there were multiple signs at the entrance asking people to wear a mask. I told him to put the bags of bags DOWN and EXIT the store. I was in there for maybe 60 seconds tops. How hard is it to wear a little piece of cloth on your face for one minute?

I kept one partial bag of bags to package up stuff to drop off at Kiwanis. And what do people do with used whine corks you might ask? Lots of stuff. For one thing, there is a restaurant downtown (the Earle) that has whole walls made out of old corks. I’m pretty sure they don’t have to get their corks from the Scrap Box. They sell a lot of whine.

One Response to “‘lectric Jack reflects”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Not hard at all. Sigh. I like hiding behind my mask sometimes, although wearing one all day yesterday was a bit wearing. NY is strict about them.