Halloween vee-hickle

Oriole came for a quick oil pan dropoff visit on Halloween afternoon and I grabbed this pic. And then had to stop Skeletor and Frooggy from driving off with her. Turned out Froooggggy was lurking behind Skeletor’s tree. He is a known joy-rider from waaaay back and I suspect Oriole is a lot more tempting ride than The POC (my old Island teal mini-van).

The GG is off on another boondoggle. He delayed his departure until this morning so he could vote. Before he left for the polls, I reminded nagged him about taking a mask. His initial response? “Do you think I’ll need one?” Well… I don’t know the rules but I have a hard time believing that the poll workers are turning unmasked voters away. But… Consider that those folks (who I’m sure ARE masked) are hanging around ALL DAY today interacting with the “unwashed” public. To me, this is not about any individual voter’s choice to cover their face or not. It is more about the safety of the poll workers. Our local workers are likely vaxxed but it is also a known fact that vaxxed people can catch and spread the virus. Poll workers are providing an essential service for not a whole lot of pay and we should respect their RIGHT to stay as safe as possible and not spread the virus to others.

My last in-person election was the March 2020 Michigan presidential primary. I always tried to be one of the first voters and I got there before the polls opened but I was not first. I remember NERVOUSLY standing in a line UNMASKED because we were not advised to wear masks at that time not to mention I had no clue where to GET a mask. We were all kind of keeping a three foot distance from each other. A random and arbitrary number but then so is six feet in my not so humble opinion. [delete complicated ruminations about HVAC systems and airflow]

That election was March 10 and I worked at Cubelandia as usual after voting. Two days later we were sent home to work and I’ve been here ever since. I later talked to an essential worker who had noticed COVID symptoms (thankfully mild ones) beginning on that election day. The virus was here then and probably had been for quite some time.

I am loving the book Project Hail Mary and my fave quote from today is: “Because Russians do things a certain way and it’s easier to work with them than to complain about it.” Indeed 🐽 🤣

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  1. Margaret Says:

    PHM was one of my favorite books of the year. I didn’t understand all of it, but there won’t be a quiz over it so who cares? 🙂 I put my ballot in the drop box today. I normally vote earlier but I was out of town. We have several critical school board races in my district. Yikes, I will say no more.