That’s me. I’m an outlier. Every single proposal I voted no on in yesterday’s election passed by a landslide. I was generally unhappy by the national trends as well but we won’t go there today because I continue to struggle to put words together to adequately convey my dismay about where our country seems to be going.

A friend of mine who did time on the school board a while back had a different take on our election and one I probably wouldn’t have thought of. Her take was, “Why did we have an election at all?” Elections are very expensive and this one was basically deciding, well, I forget her words but the gist of it was “council business”. For the most part anyway. Maybe these business items needed a vote but they could’ve waited.

There was also the ranked choice voting proposal and… After that discussion, I came across an article in the local online news, which noted that even though it passed, we can’t do anything with it because its ILLEGAL in our state. Really? So why did we put it on the ballot? “It was a symbolic vote,” said our mayor. SYMBOLIC? Really? I am NOT against the concept of ranked choice voting. I am intrigued by it. But I am FOR common sense so why not wait to put this and the other proposals on a ballot with other more pressing issues. Like electing [hopefully] different city council members… And a different mayor…

The pic is from November 1st – 2020. This year, in our neighborhood at least, hardly any leaves are down and there is still a LOT of green. We keep getting threatened with frost but it hasn’t happened yet. A BRIEF (like 20 second) snow shower happened yesterday afternoon but it was 40-something so I don’t even think the snow hit the ground. It is coming though. The UU posted pics from his Gaylord area home showing 11 inches. But that’s a snow belt.

To end on a positive note, NPR just reported that whale poop fertilizes the ocean, which helps krill.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I too am having trouble finding a bright side. Several of my candidates did win and the two sane people running for the local school board were elected. But there was also too much negative news.