Even though it’s aimed at My Room, I can’t complain because I *bought* it for him

My Room being the Landfill Chitchen.

A beach urchin hiked part of the North Country Trail today. I think this brings her up to 100 miles. She was kind of expecting to do a 12 mile solo hike but ended up with a 19-mile hike shared with an identical twin Qtip Echo Chamber. She hiked ahead so as to commune with natural sounds.

There are a few reasons I have been avoiding Hoton Lake since the pandemic (I’ve spent one night there during a period of very low community transmission). 1) Breakthrough COVID is real and I don’t want to share air with people I don’t live with. 2) I do NOT do indoor restaurants for now. 3) I cannot stomach the Q-type polly-tickle talk (and yes it is) and I am taking a break from it. The Hoton Lake folks run the gamut of political views but if someone who subscribes to the former guy’s dog whistles is there, I do not wanna be.

One of the tropes I’ve been hearing is something like, “Biden is going to give every immigrant $500,000. Why can’t I get that too? I’ve been working my whole life yada yada yada.” Um, really? I don’t know how many people manage to cross the border every year. Legally or illegally. But I don’t in any way, shape, or form think our country is planning to do this. And how can Biden solely DECREE that it happen? It seems likely that he would need the support of congress. Um. He can’t even get the support of congress to pass a bill that might help legitimately needy United States citizens? And we have plenty of those. So what are y’all talking about? Whaaaat?

I finished Project Hail Mary and I LOVED the book AND the ending.

One Response to “Even though it’s aimed at My Room, I can’t complain because I *bought* it for him”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can understand why you wouldn’t want to listen to that. My tolerance for crazy conspiracy theories and misinformation is zero these days. Smart people have turned off their brains and critical thinking skills. I LOVED that book too and was sad it ended. But what an ending!