Gales (or not) of November

It isn’t yet the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitz but it is November. Today the GG did a moomincabin drive-by and this is what the place looked like in the afternoon sun. I don’t think he went inside so dunno if any squoils have gotten down the chimney and died. And maybe don’t wanna know. It looks like all is well though.

It struck me that with all that sunlight hitting the west side of the building, you can tell the sun has moved way south and so is lower in the sky. I am rarely there at this time of year and when I am, it’s usually cloudy and we don’t STAY there because we have already closed it for the season. Not worth opening it up for a weekend, even in warm weather.

I ended up taking a “meeee” day today. I told my boss that and she heartily approved. It’s a slow week. A lot of folks are off for Diwali and others are burning up their use or lose vacay for the year, which is what I’m doing. I made this decision kind of late in the week and didn’t tell the GG because I didn’t want to be hounded to come up to Hoton Lake. Then I remembered that he is not at HL any more. He’s rustic camping in the yooperland. He has the Lyme Lounge so there’s water, heat, and cooking facilities but there are no showers. I do not camp without a shower in the morning and he doesn’t expect me to.

Amateur book reviewer here: I was thinking about how much I like Andy Weir’s books even though I don’t have the chops to keep up with all the math and science. I think it’s because he puts the math/science stuff in there so the true geeks can chew on it. But he is good at weaving a STORY around it so the rest of us get whatever we can get out of the geeky stuff without losing track of the plot and characters, etc. If that made any sense 🐽

P.S. I am good at math. For a long time I wavered between majoring in math or music in college. In the end I chose music and I do not regret it even though I never pursued a music career. I consider myself to be successful. I say that not to brag but to encourage young “creative types” and remind them that their talents, skills, and education are just as valuable as those of the “STEM” folks. Who are also important.

One Response to “Gales (or not) of November”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I too enjoyed math and science. My college astronomy class was fascinating although very hard since I hadn’t had physics or calculus in high school. I did NOT like Weir’s second book at all and didn’t finish it. I loved #1 and #3.