How many tie-dyed t-shirts dooya think I have?

If you guessed 11, you win the booby prize. How did I collect that many? Don’t ask. One of them is in the trash now. Old and thin and holey as all get out.

It’s really hard for me to throw textiles in the trash but that wasn’t the only old tattered piece of clothing I threw out today. I know there are organizations that will take old stuff and repurpose it but I know that if I get distracted trying to search them out it will slow me down in terms of my GOAL, which is to GET RID OF STUFF. What’s the saying? Perfection is the enemy of progress? Someday when I have a totally de-cluttered living space, I will put things like that aside and deal with them in a more sustainable way. For now I’m just trying to keep myself sane.

Despite MANY rounds of weeding out clothing, I still seem to have to do it all over again periodically. I haven’t really unpacked since I came back from the moomincabin and that’s almost two months ago now. I had tie-dyed t-shirts in THREE places. And shambling mounds of clothing all over the place. I have tie-dyed t-shirts in TWO places right now. Nine of them in a drawer in the bedroom and the other one in a drawer in the bathroom, which is where I usually get dressed because the GG is usually sound asleep when I get up and I can turn on lights in the bathroom.

I also have a working bag for stuff I *am* going to donate including a few things I ordered that either didn’t fit right or weren’t what I expected. But not the peacock thingy the beach urchins found for me. It arrived today and I didn’t try it on yet but it looks like a keeper. And I finally totally cleaned out my work laptop bag and put it in the pile for Kiwanis.

I wanna work on books next but there is at least a truckload of those (at least it feels that way) and that will require a concerted effort…

One Response to “How many tie-dyed t-shirts dooya think I have?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    There’s so much I need to work on around here. No motivation currently.