I don’t usually pay too much attention but I was kinda waiting for the time change this year. Yesterday the sun rose at something like 8:16. This morning I was actually able to take a picture in the woods on my way home from my walk. The sun was just coming up at 7:18.

I know time changes bother a lot of folks and apparently multiple states recently voted to stay on daylight savings year round. I sure hope that doesn’t happen here in the Great Lake State. Because when we get near the winter solstice that means the sun doesn’t rise until after 9:00 AM. Really.

I have written about this before but I have lived through a year or two of this phenomenon. When I was in high school in the yooperland, some nincompoops somewhere decided it would be smart to lump the whole yooperland into the same time zone as Wisconsin. There ARE a few counties over in the western yoop that have traditionally used central time and for good reason. Those of us on the eastern end were schlepping to school across the tundra in total darkness.

I did have to cross a “tundra” to get to school. I walked the three-and-a-half blocks up Superior Street where it turned into a path across what felt like the tundra. I did not suit up much for winter. A wimpy little “cute” fake leopard skin coat, some kind of stupid hat, and pantyhose. No leggings. Of course leggings in those days were bulky snow pants that made all kinds of noise when you walked, not the sleek smartwool leggings I wear now. Boots were pretty awful back then and I can’t remember how I got across the tundra when we got five feet of snow because they certainly didn’t plow the path.

Anyway, the powers that be figured out PDQ that a post 9:00 AM sunrise wouldn’t fly and maybe, just maybe, they realized that the yooperland was part of the Great Lake State, NOT Wisconsin, and we were back to eastern time. The fact of the matter is that in the winter, we have shorter days. You can have more light in the morning or you can have more light in the evening. Take your pick. Being a morning person, I prefer it in the morning although I also enjoy our dark mornings. BTW, the sun SET at 5:23 this afternoon.


One Response to “EST”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would prefer to stay on standard time all year round. In summer it stays light until nearly 10 which I don’t like. I prefer a bit more light in the afternoon.