Toadily roto, starring The Pensioner

Not home alone. Any more. I can’t think how many times this afternoon he needed my help trying to unravel document mysteries. I have a really good memory but if I am deep down a rabbit hole about one thing (work) and you throw some kind of curve at me, I will need a bit of time to think and process.

But now I am dragged down into the same rabbit hole The Pensioner got himself into. Mainly, he went to the Secretary of State “last summer” and can’t remember what he did there. And neither can I even though he went to the Sault Ste. Siberia SOS and I was up there with him (but not to the SOS) and there were unending conversations about this. What we remember is that he arrived at his appointment with a printout saying when his appointment was and they told him he didn’t have one. The thing to note is that there were NO customers at the SOS and a bazillion employees.

In the end they honored his appointment and I am now out of his rabbit hole because of some sleuthing and the kind of problem solving questions I ask myself when I am struggling to climb out of a rabbit hole. “What was the exact date?” June 1st, so not technically summer but the day after Memorial Day. “What else did you do in town that day?” Hardware store, probably multiple trips.

In the end, the epiphany was that it was NOT a bote or trailer issue. It had to do with Mooon Yooonit’s title and that is so complicated that I won’t say anything more about it except that when you typically pay cash for cars (and we certainly haven’t always), do NOT sign on to the siren call of some zero interest dealio. Because it ain’t true (and we shoulda known better). The zero interest only lasts for a while. When we figgered that out, we paid Mooon Yooonit off PDQ but title issues lingered.

One more nuisance item crossed off the list. 🐽

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Titles are so complicated. I don’t enjoy trying to figure out transfers and other bureaucratic snafus.