Ready for the plague

Actually it was a pretty productive day around here, at least for yer fav-o-rite blahgger. I hit up the farmers market at 0-skunk-30. It’s getting pretty late in the season but they still have lots of stuff and I got apples, lettuce, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and onions plus a whole chicken and a wee piece of tenderloin from the meat market. Then it was off to the Plum when it opened for oh, I dunno, *other* stuff. Salmon spread for one thing. It’s the latest fad around here.

I completely cleaned out the bench seat by the front door, getting rid of half the 50-cent glubs I’ve been hoarding, a couple of scarfs I don’t ever wear (because I wear a balaclava), and some YakTrax that don’t have straps. Why did I buy those? I’m sure it was because I didn’t carefully read the description. YakTrax without straps are useless. They fall right off.

And I organized the stuff I’m gonna donate, etc. After a recent post saying I was gonna just throw some old clothes out, a beach urchin shamed me into more thoroughly exploring ways to recycle this kind of stuff and sent me some links! Smartwool is one of them. I live in Smartwool socks, leggings, balaclavas, and winter jackets (they are super warm and feather light) so I’m already a Smartwool frequent flyer. You can order bags from them to return socks in. ANY socks. They don’t have to be Smartwool. And they send you a Fedex label to put on the bag. I don’t have enough holey old socks to fill the bag yet but at least I have a designated “bucket” for them.

If you walked in my front door, you wouldn’t think we had a lot of stuff. But. So often we can’t find things we know we own. The GG has been rummaging around for some small power tool all week. I can’t remember if he ever found it or not. Digital microscopes? We have two. We aren’t sure why. He uses one but found a second one in the Landfill Dungeon today. We can only think that we bought it for a beach urchin umpteen gazillion years ago and forgot to give it to her. And then there are toasters. We have ONE toaster in the chitchen and TWO inherited ones in the dungeon. But “we” can’t find one of those. I won’t disclose the details of that conversation. I’ll just say that we do NOT need three toasters and any toasters that are in the dungeon need to go to Kiwanis Thrift.

The palm leaf mask is funny and reminiscent of those beaky old plague masks but the pandemic remains totally UNfunny, at least to me as the number of friends and family members with breakthrough infections continues to rise. HEY PEOPLE! MASK UP AND DON’T GATHER INDOORS! I know. The CDC said it was okay. That was last May and I was skeptical but… Guidance has CHANGED since then. Pay attention.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Ugh, I hate the talk of breakthrough infections. I haven’t gotten lax about masks and gathering in big groups, but I have relaxed a bit about getting together indoors with a small group. I hope tht doesn’t bite me in the butt. I have thrown away, donated and sold stuff lately and I’m sure made some poor decisions about what I did with stuff. But at least it’s gone!