“You rumdum!”

Oh don’t worry, that was something my dad used to say. It was a derogatory term but usually used in fun. I so wanted to put it in the spelling bee today. It had an acceptable set of letters. Alas, I think its usage was limited to one person so of course I knew it wouldn’t fly. When I finally got all the spelling bee words, I looked at the comments and people were having enough trouble with the fact that it wouldn’t accept doldrum (singular). Jeebus 🐽

So here’s a pic from last Sunday from Tubbs Road, just north of the Huron River. Me and Cygnus were going ultra slow, partly because there were some holes that could’ve swallowed my little old Ninja.

…and… This is today. It got snowier later on but I didn’t take a pic and then the temp warmed up to all of 35 and big clumps of snow were falling out of the trees onto the Landfill roof. Ker-flumpf.

I wasn’t as productive today as yesterday although I did finish my latest book. I have mixed feelings about it. I didn’t rate it (on Goodreads) because of that and not sure if I’ll blahg it or not. Still processing, I guess.

I dunno exactly what the GG was doing today but it sounded like there was a whirling dervish down in the dungeon. I don’t think I’m strong enough to look down there right now. Maybe tomorrow.

Cheers to all you rumdums from my old coot, who exited this vale of tears in 2006.

One Response to ““You rumdum!””

  1. Margaret Says:

    My dad had funny sayings too; I think it was from growing up in a small town. Many of his friends spoke different languages so a few expressions came from there. What was your latest book? (just curious, as always)