No we didn’t talk about the Verdict

You know the one. The question involved whether my work team talked about the Verdict during our two hour call this afternoon. Well, NOOOO! We were solving a PROBLEM. Um, for one thing, we have high-end paying customers and if something goes wrong, we are ON IT and yes, “we” solved it. And “we” is in quotes because my own role in this solution was to be a fly on the wall during the meeting. At the end of the call people were all heading off to their kitchens to get a cocktail 🤣

We NEVER talk polly-ticks at work. I mean occasionally my boss and I veer in that direction but we KNOW we agree. There are others who may or may not. There are still others who live in India and may not even care about ‘murican polly-ticks. At the end of the day we are NERDS. We get our kicks from winding around through our sprawling application in whatever way our job requires, designing and implementing new functionality and problem solving issues.

Here at the Landfill this afternoon, I was asked multiple times if I wanted to watch the delivery of the Verdict. No no no no no… I didn’t watch it but I could hear it…

The whole thing makes me feel a little bit sick. I am NOT saying that I disagree with the Verdict. I actually don’t know if I disagree with it. I have not paid a whole lot of attention to the issues and process. If the defendant is truly innocent, so be it.

But. Does this send a message that taking a gun to a protest event is okay? Or anywhere outside of a war (and I also hate war)? Is it okay that people died at the hands of the shooter that day? I can see that maybe there was an element of self defense involved but maybe the best choice for the teenage defendant might have been to STAY HOME. Play video games or whatever. What was he thinking? What was his mom thinking “letting” him go there? (He was 17 and I went plenty of places my parents didn’t know about at that age.) Still, people died at his hands. I hope he takes this reprieve as a chance to rethink how he wants to live his life. He did kill people…

I am a gun owner (by inheritance). My old coot didn’t own assault rifles and I think I only saw him shoot a gun once, trying to bring down a squirrel for my dog. He was using some kind of long gun and he missed. I never take a gun with me ANYWHERE. If I did, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I know shooting guns can be fun but it isn’t something I’m interested in. I would rather read and do word puzzles.

The pic has been posted before. It’s my old coot and his friend Jim Sherman doing a staged photo shoot out in the yooperland woods when they were in high school. My dad is on the right.

3 Responses to “No we didn’t talk about the Verdict”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I agree with you on everything. I think because of WI law, the prosecution had to prove without a doubt that it wasn’t self-defense. The lack of judgement, the deadly firearm, being there in the first place…it didn’t need to happen. I fear that the verdict will embolden others to become vigilantes. (not that many of them require the encouragement)

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I agree with you (and Margaret) on everything. This pro-vigilante thing is making the lil’ hairs on my spine stand on end. Plus, democracy-wise, I fear that any regular peaceful protests will now be inundated with assault weapon idiots. Which is not democracy.

  3. Pam J. Says:

    I’m so angry I could spit. I’m not surprised at the verdict, really. Mostly because I now know about the poor mental health/intelligence/values/compassion of at least a third, and maybe close to half, of our population. Like you, I didn’t follow the story closely. And I still haven’t watched any videos, which I should to be fair. I just know that if that killer’s skin had had just a touch more melanin he’d be in prison. If we have a race war in this country we deserve it. And I know whose side I’ll be on. Grrrrrrr