Pettifoggery and poopgoop

Pettifog was the spelling bee pangram today. Poopgoop was not an acceptable word but poop was and it is the word that kicked me up into the “genius” level. My puzzle pal texted me that it didn’t accept poopgoop and after one instance of that “word”, I typed “poop” in a reply and autocorrect tried to change it to “poopgoop”. TMI? It doesn’t take much to entertain us. And no, nobody thought poopgoop was a real word 🤣

After I got to 👸🐝 I went to read the spelling bee forum and people were of two minds about pettifog oh boy oh boy. Love it or hate it. I happen to LOVE it. I learned it a few years back when I was under siege by a legal pettifog who was taking money from somebody to send me hostile, threatening letters about basically nothing. At least I never found out what the problem was. The pettifog and his client eventually slunk away, leaving me alone to go through whatever grief processing I needed to do for losing the last of my childhood nuclear family. The word pettifoggery gave me a good laugh during a dark time.

I also don’t think it would be too far-fetched to apply the term to many of the folks we’re paying to run the government.

Saturday market day and this pic was from the drive down. Still lots of great produce available. I brought home delicata, brussels, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, a wee red cabbage, and lettuce. Always lettuce. Red leaf. Home by 7:30 AM doing puzzles, drinking coffee, washing my lettuce, doing chores, and making gravy, which I do ahead and freeze.

But then again… We do have an invitation for turkey day that I am considering, COVID Coward that I am. But this isn’t anywhere near 50 people and all are vaxxed and some are boosted. I am not boosted yet although I FULLY INTEND to get boosted. So, I am talking myself into it. I mean the gathering, not the booster. If I attend, I can wear my new peacock thingy from Chicos…

P.S. This pic was taken at the nadir of Miller, beginning a potentially difficult finish for new Commie High drivers to navigate if they are driving stick shift vee-hickles. The beach urchins did not struggle with this. They learned to drive at 10 or whatever in a manual tranny basic Jeep Wrangler (The Indefatigable) and did not have trouble with this uphill stretch.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Mom and I are dining together on Thanksgiving, a very small and informal meal. She made the decision not to go to my brother’s; I don’t think it was fear of Covid and the unvaxxed, but just that she didn’t want to be around the crowds of my SIL’s family. Tiring and uncomfortable for her. I love that word!