A new orange man

I don’t often agree with this orange man either but he is a LOT nicer than the former guy.

He is not a hunter, at least not as an adult. I think his family did some hunting when he was a kid and he once shot bow and arrow on Poop Deck Paul, a TV show I had NEVER heard of, being from the yooperland where there were TWO TV channels until I was in high school or thereabouts. I’m sure he was shooting at a target, not live aminals 🤣

Hoton Lake neighbor Nancy the Schoolteacher gave him this vest and I greatly approve because it is rifle season for deer and you can’t be too careful gallivanting around out in the woods. It gets crazy around HL during deer season and I can remember being at the Spikehorn Bar on a Saturday night when various women had parked trailers in the parking lot. At least I think I remember that. Or did I dream it?

Our only travel this weekend involved a day trip to visit FlaMan and we are both pretty exhausted from that. I dunno why exactly. FlaMan was pretty exhausted so maybe it rubbed off on us? He sat on his bed watching Gunsmoke and doing xword puzzles. I sat in the living room watching Gunsmoke and doing xword puzzles. The GG hopped around looking for things and surreptitiously throwing out trash. At the end of our visit FlaMan decided he was in desperate need of a certain item (it was not beer) so we went out to hunt it down and finally hit the road to return home.

I didn’t really want to go up there today but it’s been a while since I have visited FlaMan. I know he has been a bit starved for companionship since his dog’s death and the onset of COVID, not to mention he moved facilities just before COVID. So I agreed as long as we took back roads and that’s what we did. Can I just say a huge THANK YOU to whoever cleans his terlet? And with that, good night and typos be damned!

P.S. Upon re-reading it’s probably not clear that I *love* FlaMan. He can sometimes be difficult to be around but he is the epitome of uniqueness and extremely intelligent and if you need to hear a sincere “I love you”, he will not disappoint.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    People and relationships are complex.