Back roads

Taking the back roads to FlaMan’s place yesterday fulfilled a mission for me. We hooked up with Argentine Road and this time I FOUND the girl scout camp. The last time we took Argentine, I looked high and low for the turn into Camp Linden but couldn’t find it. Probably because I couldn’t remember the name of the road. On the way home, I happened to look up from my phone just in time to see that we were passing a sign for Hogan Road. THAT’S IT!!!

We were too fried to turn down Hogan on that trip but this time we did and yes the girl scout camp is alive and well. Out of respect for whatever girl scout troops may have been there this weekend, we honored the PRIVATE! KEEP OUT signs.

I spent quite a few weekends there as a troop co-leader and sometimes just as a mom. I am NOT good at organizing PEOPLE and comforting children and all that stuff. I am a NERD and I always had fun on those trips but appreciated that there were other moms who were better at the mom/leader type stuff.

This camp, like others in the area is kind of an “urban” camp. I mean it is in a beautiful forested area with a system of ponds and streams running through it. But it is probably less than a mile from the freeway and there are towns of all sizes in the area and cities not far away. Once, a wide-eyed brownie asked me if there would be bears there. No no no no. Bears do not come this far south in the Great Lake State.

If I’d had an iPhone in those days I’d probably have tons of photooos. As it is, I only have memories of the place and my mom friends and all of our daughters. The ones who are running the world now. Haha, for me they are at least running Thanksgiving, home antigen tests willing 🐽

3 Responses to “Back roads”

  1. isa Says:

    The coolest part of that camp was the bridge over a little stream that was made of a bunch of cubes? I forget what it was called… You had to hike over it to get to one of the more distant camp sites though.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I think that sometimes it’s a blessing that we don’t have photos of some of our past experiences. The reality would probably not match up to our wonderful memories of those times and it’s wonderful to hold on to our own versions of them! I was a Camp Fire Girl but never went away to camp. Maybe I would be handier at camping if I had!

  3. jane Says:

    I went to camp linden! I was a Girl Scout for 7 whole months, and that included some big gathering of many troops at camp linden. Our troop only had 4 scouts on that trip, and 2 adults. So we didn’t have enough to participate in the activities, but it was a beautiful sunny weekend and we hung out on our sleeping pads and read and talked and stuff.