Over the river and through the woods…

We went over a number of creeks and through a lot of woods but we did not go to grandmother’s house.

With quite a bit of trepidation and precautionary COVID tests, we gathered with our two daughters and one SO at Mouse’s house out in the wilderness. As I was walking out on their deck to get this pic, the raccoon cautioned me that the railings are not really very safe. Yes, they look very sturdy don’t they? 🤣 I [sincerely] appreciated his concern and replied that I have just enough acrophobia that I don’t get too close to “edges”. Having navigated a lot of slippery wet north country trail boardwalk, I was also a little nervous about the wet deck but that was not slippery although my tights got wet. 🐽 I don’t think the picture adequately shows that it is a looooonnnng way down off that deck!

My contributions to this Turkey Day dinner were Chex Mix (long story), my beauteous turkey platter, some serving utensils, and manhattan makings. That was it. This is the first time in many years I haven’t orchestrated Thanksgiving dinner and I could get used to this. Couch potato? Yes. My girls are wonderful cooks but we laughed about how we all seem to do a version of our mom’s menu. And we sort of do but it does morph a bit and I have never tried to duplicate the lima bean puree that The Commander and Radical Betty tried to make many years ago. They were using a Gourmet magazine menu and due to some kind of blender accident (I wasn’t there), there was lima bean puree everywhere including the ceiling. That was back when uncle duck was still around and they all had soooo much fun!

As usual, I had to drag the GG out of a party before I turned into a pumpkin. We encountered SNOW on Pleasant Lake Road and the first part of M52. Fortunately it wasn’t accumulating and the road was just wet. By the time we got up to the freeway, it was light rain which was pretty much gone by the time we were in range to beam up to the Planet Ann Arbor.

I’m glad we were able to gather this year. I expect to host many more Turkey Day dinners in the future but this one was wonderful and I appreciated a break. 🧡🧡🧡

One Response to “Over the river and through the woods…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s wonderful to not have the major responsibility for a big gathering. Due to the (up to now) good health of my parents, I’ve escaped most of the hostess duties. Until now. Sounds like a relaxing and wonderful time.