Black Friday shopping

Even pre-COVID times, I was a serious Black Friday avoider. I don’t really buy the kind of things people seem to buy that day, electronic crapola and toys? What else? Clothes? Jewelry? We have two television sets that were at least made in this century. We watch a bit of TV in the bedroom at night, Green Acres reruns on weeknights and Svengoolie on Saturday. We rarely use the one in the back room. The GG had the Lions on for a while yesterday, watching them once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as people often say. (His twin brother was at the game.)

Computers and phones? We buy Apple and buy them when we need them, which is usually not on Black Friday. What else? Toys? I can’t say I didn’t [over]buy toys for my kids because I SURE DID! I am still kicking myself for that. I mean, yes, toys are fine. Every little girl who wants a Barbie should HAVE one. It’s not so much that they are fun to play with, it’s a matter of ownership. If every other kid in the nursery school has a Barbie, your kid should probably have one too. My kids were tired of them by the time they were seven anyway. (I got my first Barbie when I was eight but that’s a whole ‘nother story.) Jewelry? Clothes? I love the IDEA of jewelry but wearing it drives me a little nuts. As for clothing, I have a couple of “uniforms” and I buy all of the components online. And now I’m buying plastic shipping bags online to get rid of old clothes that aren’t really worth taking to Kiwanis or SallyAnn or wherever.

Today I did have a short list of stuff I buy at Meijer. I dithered and dathered during my 0-skunk-30. When would Black Friday start up out there? Would there be people lined up? I wanted nothing of that. I mean I don’t think people should be crowding in to stores with COVID still outsmarting us. In the end, I saddled up Cygnus and drove over there. It was as empty as it ever is at 7:30 in the morning. I was in and outta there in fewer than 10 minutes even though I had to do a bit of reconnoitering to find one item.

Were the shelves bare? Not at all! There were some occasional “holes”. I wanted Lundberg long grain white rice and they didn’t have that but what the heck, I just bought a bag of Riceland. What I like about Lundberg is that it comes in a resealable bag that stands up nicely. Picky picky picky. Riceland is just fine. There was plenty of terlet paper (which wasn’t on my list) and terlet bowl cleaner (which WAS on my list). We’ll talk about pumpkin shortages (not) some other day.

Man was it COLD today. Technically the temp was around freezing but it felt bitter cold when I took the garbage, etc., carts out this afternoon. After a HOT summer that extended well into fall, I am not accustomed to this.

One Response to “Black Friday shopping

  1. Margaret Says:

    I too am a Never Black Friday shopper for the same reasons. I don’t need any of that stuff and hate the idea of crowds, especially now.