And no, that’s not the current temperature. We’ll talk more about that later.

I finished my 2021 Goodreads challenge today! 100 books! I didn’t even realize it until one of the beach urchins congratulated me on Goodreads. I started doing the challenge in 2019. A couple years before that I began trying to restart a reading habit. I wasn’t one of those prodigies that taught myself to read at age three but I picked it up PDQ in elementary school and was always way ahead of grade level.

I was never a Super Reader like my cousin Pooh or the beach urchins. One of the big things that interfered with more prolific reading was MUSIC!!! Yes. I played [classical] piano and flute and practiced for HOURS every day. I was a TOTAL MUSIC NERD! Scales and exercises? Bring ’em on.

I read constantly to my kids when they were little and between that and an intense part-time tech job (and chores and general parenting), I didn’t do a lot of reading for myself. Not that I didn’t enjoy reading to them. Lots of good kid lit especially when they were old enough to focus on “chapter” books (and they were able to understand some of them at around three). My memory fails me at the moment except that I will never forget reading Indian in the Cupboard on the moominbeach to multiple generation audiences. Oh, and reading to the beach urchins at breakfast was a wonderful tool for calming everybody down before school.

During the years I started my current career and my elders were dying, I couldn’t focus on reading a book to save my life. I gradually started inching along and in 2019, I did my first Goodreads challenge. I started out at 50 but when I got to that 50 at less than halfway through the year, I upped it to 100. And surpassed that. As my daughter said, “My mom went pig wild.” So what the heck, 100 is now my standard goal. I mean I do have to work and keep up with the chores, etc.

When I started writing this I was all hot to list my favorite books from the last year. It quickly got complicated and I don’t have the chops for it today so I’ll save it for another post. Maybe.

Back to that temperature? 30 maybe? And snowing🐽🐽🐽 I have already put my Yaks on my sandals for walking tomorrow morning and I’m wondering if we have salt to de-ice the sidewalk. Here we go again…

P.S. Umich beat Ohio State today for the first time in what feels like forever. I did not go to college at Umich but I have loved The Planet Ann Arbor since I was a kid and I have lived here throughout most of my adulthood and raised my kids here and I just have to say GO BLUE!!!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I like challenges but become too focused on them, sometimes to the detriment of other activities I should be doing. Knowing that about myself, I don’t keep track of how many books I read. Certainly far fewer than 100. I would estimate around 50.